Happy Father’s Day to Bill, all on his own in Charlotte (not counting the grumpy dog)

The Ashridge crew are all just getting things together and about to head off in the camper van to Dorset for another camping weekend by the coast. We’ll be seeing my Aunt Jenny and her girls. I’m looking forward to meeting Sophie, the newest Nicholson, who was a big bump in cousin Lucy’s tummy last time I saw her.

Before we go trotting off though I wanted to send big hugs and kisses to my super husband. I’m not sure when I’ll be online, if at all, over the weekend. Sunday is of course Father’s Day and so I am feeling especially bad that I don’t think we’ll be able to get in touch until we get back on Tuesday. I’ll try to get the kids rounded up for webcam with you then though.

Bill, the kids and I love you and do miss you very much. Thanks for letting us come over to play in England with Nanna and Grandad. I know it’s hard on you to be without the kids for so long. They are having a great time though and it means a lot to us.

Have a lovely Father’s Day, hope you get to play some tennis and not work too hard.

Oh and Bill, it’s absolutely beautiful here. Sunny and warm right now. About right that you are missing England at its finest. I’ll have to remember to pack double raincoats and wellies next time you come over with us, it seems to be doing the trick.

Ok, I’m going to start getting the lazy comments from Mum in a minute if I don’t make an appearance downstairs now.

xxx and Happy Father’s Day to a great daddy and brilliant husband. Wish I could teleport back for the day to spend it with you.

Right, not I’m gone. Bye.

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