Down on the farm.

Still raining and miserable here. The relentless raindrops are making a thunderous noise drumming on the conservatory roof. I’m afraid I wimped out of going to the hash this evening. I just felt wiped out after driving to the farm and back this afternoon and the prospect of driving to Horsebridge for trail was far less enticing than enjoying the remains of the evening with crazy Bea and Sam on webcam with Daddy. I was intending to go out and do a local run once the kids had gone to bed but I’m afraid I just succumbed to a very large slice of chocolate cake instead.

Sam was eager to get out of the house this afternoon and go and visit Nicky at the farm. My friend Nicky and the animals were not the main attraction though. His eye can only be turned by diggers and tractors. Last week we visited and introduced him to the big yellow JCB with two scoops. One on the front, and one on the back. Sam is smitten and happily ventured out into the wind and rain to visit his love once more.

We drove down the narrow country lanes and down down down into the valley with Sam chattering away about the digger and yelling whenever he saw any other tractors and construction vehicles in farmers’ fields. When we descended the track down to the farmhouse he commented on the grass stubbornly growing through the tarmac in the middle of the road, what we would do if we were to meet another car coming up, and started loudly and fretfully wondering where his digger was when we turned the final corner. It was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily before he could get too upset something else caught his attention and he stopped his pouting for a moment and bounded out of his car seat for further investigation. “A red tractor! Just my size!”

Of course, I have to have a customary cup of tea with Nicky when I visit the farm so I herded the kids away from the outside toys, out of the rain and into the house for a cuppa. Relaxing tradition taken care of we piled the wellies and raincoats back on and Nicky took us back outside for a big yellow digger with two scoops hunt.

First of all we ventured down to Nicky’s abode in a converted barn where all her little dogs were waiting to yap at us, and Bea decided to do a bit of gardening. Despite the copious rain Bea didn’t think that Nicky’s plants were getting enough water. After she also set to potting and planting in the poly tunnel last week, Nicky thinks that Bea may well have found her vocation in agriculture.


Bea then headed down towards the raised beds and found a lovely muddy puddle to splash about in. She was very enthusiastic in her jumping and soon the wellies and raincoat were a bit pointless.


We then went to see Baldrick and Poppy (?) the ponies before continuing our digger hunt in earnest. Walking up past the red pedal tractor Bea actually jumped right on and had the first turn. Of course, Sam instantly attempted to boot her off. Thankfully Bea didn’t seem too bothered and was happier to wander around on her own two feet in the farm mud and muck, and be chased by Nicky and I. So the hunt continued with bully Sam on the tractor.

First of all we found a big red tractor. Sam was impressed, but it wasn’t the JCB.


We had to keep looking until we found the object of his desire. I’m glad it didn’t take us too long to find the digger hiding behind a shed because Sam wasn’t really putting too much effort into pedaling the tractor and was insisting that I push him everywhere instead. That got old quite quickly.


Digger unearthed, Nicky did offer to let Sam sit in the driver’s seat and get a good look at the machinery. Surprisingly Sam declined and preferred to just gaze at it from his seat on the Sam size tractor.

Thanks for a lovely afternoon down at the farm Farmer Prout.

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