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Hitting the ground running.

September 8, 2009

We’ve had no space for a breather once back in Charlotte. Sam, Bea and I have been catching up with friends we’ve missed over the Summer and I’ve been cleaning and reorganising the house and getting ready for Sam to start preschool next week. Bill and I leapt back into action on our first day back and managed to put in an appearance at the school’s beautification day. Sam and Bea had a good time with some of the teachers and parents in the playground, while Daddy and I toiled over some gardening. We cleared out, maintained, tidied and turned over the soil in the children’s raised beds ready for the new school year. It was nice to meet some of the other parents and we both came home feeling really good about our choice of preschool for the little man.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a jetlagged haze and we somehow managed to franticly clean and tidy the house up ready for a visitor on Monday afternoon. Sam’s new teacher came over to see him and say hi. Sam showed her all his favourite toys and they seemed to get on really well. When she left he ran to the window and happily waved goodbye and see you again soon.

Later in the week we had to attend the preschool orientation evening and this involved having to find a babysitter for the kids. Luckily a friend was having to do a similar thing on the Tuesday night so we just did a straight babysitting swap. It was actually rather nice to deal with someone else’s kids for a change, and once they had gone to bed I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Now I just have to go on a spending spree to kit Sam out with shoes, any extra clothes, name labels, and anything else he needs for school and he’ll be all ready to go on Tuesday. They start off the school year with a period they call easing in, so he won’t be doing a full morning or meeting all his new schoolmates right away. Instead they go in for an hour and then build it up until at the end of the fortnight the children are doing the full timetable.

While Sam is at preschool the idea is that I’ll be working. I have a freelance gig that I need to do weekly, but I’m also looking forward to being able to spend some mother daughter time with Miss Bea. She’ll be one on September 12th and I feel as though I have barely had any quality time with her as big brother tends to always be the centre of attention, and she has also missed out on forming the baby friendships that Sam did. With this in mind I’ve already taken the plunge and signed us up to go to a new playgroup that is forming close by. There should be about six other twelve-sixteen month olds for her to play with. I hope it works out and we get on alright with the other mums and babes. We start Wednesday morning.

On Sunday evening I went out for a run to try to get in a good place ready for my first 5K run which is coming up on October 3rd. I decided to run to Park Road Shopping Centre and then circle back past my friend Lisa’s house so I had a “safe” point en route if necessary. Despite intentionally running down her street, as I was huffing and puffing down the road I was pleasantly surprised to be waved down by her as she drove past. When I made it home I plotted my route online and discovered that I’d run rather further than I had anticipated. Craziness then took over and when I read about an upcoming 8K ladies only trail run at the White Water Centre I signed up for that too. Eek! Nice little training warm up for the 5K! Uhm…shouldn’t that be the other way around?!

For the 5K event I’m collecting sponsorships and would appreciate any donations, big or small. So, if you have the spare cash and inclination, please go HERE and help fight breast cancer. Thank you!

Lisa and Garrett invited us over to their house on Wednesday afternoon for a fun playdate. Jen and Matilda came over too and we had a good time catching up. Bea really came into her own and enjoyed toddling about while the older children played.


Matilda, Garrett and Sam played with some toys and raced each other across the yard, then we all took turns going on a fun stomach lurching tree swing. The afternoon playdate turned merrily into happy hour as the evening approached and it was nice to chill with the ladies and little ones over a cold beer.


I almost chickened out of going to a Meetup group playdate I’d signed up for on Friday afternoon. I’d snagged a spot at a pool gathering and was excited for the kids and I to get out of the heat and cool off with a swim. Except then it dawned on me that it was going to be a lot trickier to go swimming and watch both Sam and Bea near water now that Bea is so mobile. I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge. The lure of cool water and meeting up with our friends was too great though. To the pool we had to go. After steeling myself for frazzled mayhem I had a brainwave and collapsed the pack and play to take with us. I set it up in the shade poolside, plopped Bea into it and she happily watched everyone in safety. She even had her own little micro playdate when her baby friend Alex joined her little capsule world. That is, until she got a bit too raucous and started trying to climb him.

Sam and his friend, Jeremy, had a wet and wild pool play. Peels of small boy laughter echoed around the pool as they threw cups of water from the pool edge. They tried their hardest to splash me as I frolicked about in the pool for them. The boys were having such a good time together that it took a great effort to extract the pair of them from cavorting around in the wading pool when it was time to go home.

My cunning idea to bring the pack and play with me then turned to one of genius when rather than struggle back to the car with multiple loads and chasing errant Sam while juggling Bea, I just put bags and small children into the play pen and merrily wheeled everything out at once. Sam thought that was hilarious, and Bea was quite bemused to be riding in her cot with her big brother. Easy peasy!

Super duper

September 4, 2009

Out of nowhere Sam has taken to saying “super duper.” I’ve no clue where he has picked that one up from. I’m thinking it must be something he has heard a character on Ceebeebies exclaim?

This evening he had to use the potty. While sat on the seat he elaborated and declared he was doing a “super duper poop!”

I asked him “Super duper? Who says “super duper”?”

With a big grin he replied, “Sam does!”