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May 29, 2009

BooneOakley launches their new anti-website.


May 21, 2009

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This was on Tuesday when we went to a HIdden Treasure playdate and picnic at a park in Pineville, about twenty minutes or so south of us. Dori cunningly hid little plastic toys in a corner of the expansive sand pit and the children were invited to dig for buried treasure. I think Bea actually really enjoyed this most as she crawled around with sand between her toes, fingers and in her mouth. Sam surprised me and didn’t seem to get into it as much as I thought he would and didn’t seem to want to do any digging. Then again, he was much more the foreman on site instructing me to do the digging, bulldozer and scraping for him. He’s a slave driver and between us we found many a little plastic lizard and Bea got a red ball to chew on.

At lunchtime Sam wouldn’t let me feed Bea but insisted on doing spoonfeeding her himself. Bea thinks her big brother is cracking.


Bea is very much awake and crawling around the floor in the front room right now. She’d better settle back down again soon, we have a busy day tomorrow. I want to take the kids to the start of the train line in Pineville and ride the train all the way to the end, where storytime at Imaginon will await us. We’re also going to see Lisa and Garrett, Jen and Matilda in the afternoon for playtime at Lisa’s house. Need to wear that boy out. I was going to say that he has stopped napping and still manages to stay up all night fighting us to turn his light off, but he did actually take a very long snooze this afternoon. Nice.

We spent the morning at Space Kidets, an indoor inflatable bouncy castle play space and then went for lunch with the other mums and kids. Sam was excited about going, then once I had paid, declared he was scared (of the bouncies, and one of the other children) and needed “a nice quiet nap,” and lay down on the sofa in reception refusing to move. I pleaded with him and coaxed him into the play room. I had to leave Bea with some friends and their little babies and take Sam onto a bouncy myself. It was fun. Sam found a basketball castle and we bounced around in there together for a while shooting hoops. It was very good to spend that time with Sam again and be able to freely chase around after him. Bea’s a babe, but somewhat restricts my movements and ability to keep up with my boy. Had to keep running back to check on her mind. She was having a good time crawling around with her friends too. Everyone’s happy. Always a frazzled mum, but very happy.

Managed a decent lunch and fed the three of us at Fuddrucker’s with Sam behaving pretty well and not straying too far from the table unless he was seeing his friends, then had to promise him a pool in the garden when we got home to lure him back into the car as he desperately wanted to go back to the “jumpies!” again.

So, got the pool out and Sam into his swimmies when we got back to Applegate (after a wrong turn led to a mini adventure through Charlotte and necessitated phone directions from Bill, thanks hubs!). Bea was tired out and missed all this as she fell asleep in the car and didn’t even wake up when I transferred her to her cot. Spent the afternoon lazing in the warm garden watching Sam enjoy filling up the pool and splashing before quiet time was needed.

Bill arrived home at six to find an undressed Sam passed out amongst a heap of duvet on the floor of his bedroom behind the door. Sam woke blearily when I tried to get in there but was still drowsy and clung to me half asleep. Bill needed a nap too so the pair of them climbed into our bed together for sleep and cuddles. I got to take beautiful Bea and Quincy for a walk while they slumbered. Before we left I peeked in to see two sleeping relaxed faces on pillows. Too cute.

Happy Mother’s Day USA

May 10, 2009

Bill and his mom
Bill and his mom on Mother’s Day.

Granma and Bea
Granma Allen and Baby Bea.

We drove down to Milledgeville this weekend to visit Bill’s parents and wish his mom a very happy Mother’s Day. Setting off on Saturday morning we arrived in the early afternoon and stayed the night before heading over to Camp Leslie for a fun family gathering on the Sunday.

Saturday night saw Granma and Granpa Allen babysitting the kids so that Bill and I could slope off to go see a film. We saw Star Trek and it was super. Had a really good evening gnawing on my husband’s arm in the dark, bouncing on my chair at the awesomeness of it. Nice.

Bea and Sam did not fail to impress with their cuteness and I really enjoyed showing off my little treasures on Mother’s Day, okay, Quince too. Let’s not forget the hairy child.

Mary and Sam
Aunt Mary, Zeke, and Sam.

Had a really lovely weekend.


May 8, 2009

I’m pretty convinced that Sam did eat those berries from the bush. He just exploded and had to be hosed down in the bath tub. The mess was vivid and quite shocking and left me with no doubt as to my son’s diet yesterday. I am feeling quite amazed that Samuel actually made it to celebrate his third birthday last week.

“Oh my goodness, it’s hard work that pie-oh crane!” he says as he tugs his favourite birthday present from Nanna and Grandad around with him. They gave him another huge Tonka truck to partner his existing Tonka workhorse and create a construction fleet. Sam now insists that this crane gets read bedtime stories and goes to bed with him. Once Sam succumbs to sleepytime I have to go in and gently disengage pie-oh crane from beneath the covers.

Awesome Pie-oh CraneNot sure what “pie-oh” means…mobile? maybe?

Daddy came home from work for lunch on Sam’s birthday and we sat in the garden having a picnic and watching Sam excitedly open his presents. Bea happily took all the discarded wrapping paper Sam flung aside and tried to stuff it into her mouth, roll around on top of it, and make it crunch and crackle in her fingers.


After Daddy went back to the office it was time to take Sam to his birthday party. I wanted Sam to have a fun playdate on his birthday and thanks to Jen’s generosity had arranged a nice gathering for him at her house. I was very excited, all Sam’s new friends were going to be there, and then hopefully a few new preschooler faces too.

I had everything ready and under control. The car was loaded up with the food and drinks for the party and I just had to put clean clothes on myself and the kids and get over to Jen’s when with cold horror I realised that Quince was missing. Cursed dog! He must have sloped off at some point when we were in the back yard with Daddy. I couldn’t believe that despite planning to be early to help set up we were going to be late to Sam’s own birthday party. Thanks Quince.

I charged around the neighbourhood yelling and calling for that dog with no success. Eventually I was so furious and beaten that I decided we’d have to just drive off and leave him to wander the streets, and hope he would be okay. Sorry, today Sam came first. A battle with Sam to wrestle him into his party clothes and a quick change for Bea, came next. As usual mummy comes last and a glance at the clock had me bundling the kids into Perdie without finding the time to get changed myself. Determined not to be any later than we already were we set off, rounded the end of the street, and spotted a big black dog cavorting with a neighbour. Quincy! Thank goodness! More profuse thanks to the neighbour who was actually on his mobile in the throes of calling Bill as we pulled up and one naughty hairy mutt was speedily thrown into the passenger seat and safely returned to the house. Then, frazzled but relieved, we were off to the party again.

I really hope that Sam’s third birthday will be among his first memories because it was a really super day. The weather was glorious and he had a great time charging around Jen’s back garden with his new friends.

Jen has a wonderfully large fenced yard with clusters of trees and bushes to hide behind. The kids are able to really run around without too much adult supervision. Up the top of the hill is a large granite boulder and at one point the older kids disappeared off to climb it. Lisa went up to keep an eye on them and was amused to find Sam sat atop the rock with surrounded by little girls. One of them told her “I’m the Queen, and he’s the King, and we don’t like princesses!”


After playtime chaos it was time for cake. Can’t have a birthday without cake. This year I made a birthday scake.

Make a wish

Happy Birthday Sam!

Oh my goodness, what a morning.

May 7, 2009

I think today I really should have stayed at home and locked the doors, though perhaps it would have been interesting no matter where we had gone. Afterall, the morning did start off with me catching Sam placing our last full rolls of toilet paper into the toilet tank. Yes, he had lifted off the tank lid by himself and was watching with interest as the water was absorbed into the rapidly soggy and unusable rolls. Wonderful.

Like a whirlwind I raced through the house and got everyone ready to go out. Even with no much wanted lazing in bed after the alarm and throttle at full, thanks to Sam’s antics, we still managed to arrive at our playdate frazzled and half an hour late.

Jen and Matilda were hosting a playdate for dogs and children at their house so even Quince got to come and have fun today. He was great and had a good time playing with Elbo, Sweet Pea and the cutest little blue eyed husky puppy ever. Today Quince was my star child and of no concern at all. Good boy.

In contrast, my morning was spent charging between my other two children as they both proceeded to give me grey hairs. I kept trying to sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk to the other mums but within a few sips I got called away each time. Amidst the general usual mayhem I’d say that there were three major incidents to deal with though.

The first moment was when I was occupied with something Sam was doing or wanting and distractedly ear wigging on what appeared to be a conversation about how horrified one mum was that some people she knew had no middle names and how awful that was. Bea was contentedly roaming around on the carpet in the middle of a circle of other mums and kids. At least she was, until she suddenly started howling. I recognised my child’s cry in an instant and spun around to see what was wrong. Bea was flat on her back, wailing, kicking and screaming and it seemed like no one around her was paying her any heed. She was red faced and mad. Very, very mad.

I raced over, picked her up, and was appalled to discover that one of the other children had bitten my poor baby right on the forehead. A toddler’s choppers were imprinted on her temple and she has a nasty welt there. My poor darling baby Bea.

With Baby Bea calmed down, the wound wiped with hydrogen peroxide and the offending cannibal given a restraining order we settled back down to enjoy the playdate. It was a little frantic and I really felt like a terrible mum as I was pulled between my two children and constantly seeming to be having one drama or another.

However, the playdate rather blurs into a haze next to significant incident number two.

Matilda’s Dad, Shawn, and his friend dropped by to join us for lunch and when they went to leave Sam and the toddler boys wanted to go out onto the front yard to see the men drive off on their motorbikes. Sam is fascinated by Shawn’s bike. He likes to excitedly tell me that “Matilda’s Daddy goes very fast. Black. Black and shiny. Got monsters. (the bike is a Ducati Monster) Got monsters. He put his helmet on. Matilda’s Daddy put his jacket on. He goes fast. Got monsters. Shiny and black. Matilda’s daddy goes very fast!”

Having waved to the motorbikes the little boys then wanted to stay out on the lush green grass at the front of the house to play with some balls. Bea got to roll around in the turf too and looked precious in her cute onesie with little angel baby graphics on it. Sam and Garrett then disappeared around the side of the house together and when I went after them to make sure they were okay I found the pair of them holding bunches of red berries. I extracted the berries from the vice-like little toddler grips and concernedly questioned the two boys. When Sam told me “little grapes!” alarm bells rang. Worry really set in when Sam then elaborated to say that he had been eating the berries. He said Garrett hadn’t had any, but that Sammy had little grapes in his belly. When I asked him how many he had eaten he counted to five. I had no idea whether to believe him or not, but when he stuck out his tongue and indicated that they didn’t taste too nice I had to think that he really did have experience. Stress!

By this point it was very confusing and other mums were leaving and saying goodbye and generally getting in the way of me finding out whether my son was going to be needing a rapid trip to Casualty. Aargh.

As I was trying to figure out what the plant was called, and how serious this really was, we’re sat on the front steps using Jen’s iPhone to Google amidst the chaos. I’m holding Baby Bea and Sam is wandering up and down the steps.

“Sammy found a snake. Sammy found a black snake Mummy!”

Huh? Right next to me Sam is pointing to the black wrought iron railing going down next to the steps.

“Sammy found a snake. Sammy found a big black snake Mummy!”

Then I see it. Sam is reaching out and touching the tail of a large black snake that was woven through the upright struts and resting on the bottom of the railing. It started to slither off down the steps and onto the pathway where another small child was sat on a tricycle.

We all grabbed the kids and backed off far enough away to feel safe but where we could nervously watch it disappear off into a flower bed and query amongst ourselves as to the imminent danger.

Yikes. Bit too much of a close encounter with the local wildlife for me there. I have since Googled and discovered that it was likely to be a rat snake and therefore not a snake of the really scary variety.

OK, back to the berry problem. I dialled Poison Control and was relieved to be told that Sam shouldn’t have any serious problem if he really had eaten the berries. I was told to give him something to eat and drink, and not to worry unless he starts vomiting copiously. In which case, call them back immediately. I do believe he did have some of those berries though as he has had a rather dodgy tummy since and had to sit on the toilet while complaining that his belly hurts. On the other hand, I suppose that could also be accounted for by the number of slices of watermelon I lost count of that he pilfered and sank his teeth into at the playdate, and all the juice boxes I caught him breaking into when I turned my back. Oh blast that child!

Both kids are taking a nap right now and I am sat here being paranoid and worrying some more about the pair of them.

Applegate Community Dance Group

May 6, 2009

Yes, yes, I know, I’m struggling to catch up with the old blog and tell you fine folks all about the fun times that were had by Master Samuel during his third birthday celebrations. Still no update on that front, but maybe this will placate some of you who are chomping at the bit for glimpses of life at Applegate.

We miss Grandad. It’s sad that he and Nanna are “back in the TV” again now after such a wonderful fortnight’s visit. Thank goodness for web cam and the internet though. Sam has been waking up in the morning, running into the front room and demanding to watch Grandad on the TV. Often it’s straight into heartfelt tears if Nanna and Grandad aren’t waiting and available.