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Sam sleeping in his fleece.

June 25, 2008

Well, while Sam is in his room in time out again here’s another quick post!

I’ve been a bit slack updating this journal lately mainly because I’ve tried to step away from the computer and do something for me instead. It was driving me crazy that I was spending all my time being Sam’s mum or Bill’s wife and not taking time to do anything I wanted to do myself. Hashing is out, so, I got myself some paints and new brushes, primed up a piece of junk wooden board left over from some old DIY project and attempted my first painting using acrylics:

Sam Sleeping in his fleece

Not totally satisfied with it yet, but am stepping away for a bit before I overdo it in all the wrong places. Hopefully I’ll either come to like it as it is, or be able to finish properly a little later when I’m a little more distanced from it again.

Okay, off to have words with Sam and see if he’s sorry for the latest puddle. I can hear him giggling and yelling “Tubby Custard!” through the door so I doubt it.

June 25, 2008

Having serious get up and go isssues this morning and with no firm plans as to what to do to entertain Sam today I can see us just drifting through the day. I rather fancy going to the zoo again as it’s been a while since we’ve been now, but I’m reticent as it’s so hot outside and I cringe at the idea of waddling here, there and everywhere after Sam in the heat.

Chasing after Sam is getting more and more difficult, not to mention painful for me. Lately when I’ve had a bout of running him down, having to lift him and carry him, I’ve been getting really really sore. I’m realising that I’m having to be much more careful else every step I takes turns into torture. I think Bea is just fine, but mummy hurts.

14th June 2008 - 27 weeks pregnant
14th June 2008 – 27 weeks pregnant

This morning Sam was an angel and stayed in his room playing happily until ten o’clock so I got to have a nice extra lie down and am feeling much better again at the moment. Thankfully the aches and pains are fairly fleeting as long as I get a good rest and overall I’m really enjoying this pregnancy. Bea is very active, more so than I remember Sam being. It feels like my tummy is constantly doing flips.


The potty training has been getting a little hit or miss with Sam. After I spent the day clearing up puddle after puddle of pee from the carpet I almost decided to not take him to the pool yesterday afternoon as I had promised. Particularly frustrating as only last week we borrowed a steam cleaner and thoroughly cleaned the carpet. Luckily for Sam I was hot and bothered yesterday and so wanted to go swimming and meet our friends myself.

I can completely understand that peeing on the floor must be so much more fun than peeing in a potty, especially when nature equips you with a nice hose, but it makes mummy mad. I had to keep putting him in his room for time out to try to get across my displeasure. The last straw came when I went in to make friends again and found him, and his toys, playing in even more self created lakes. Happy as could be. Aaargh! I had to wash all his toys and I mop the floor in there…twice. Mummy is not amused.

Yet, yesterday he also expertly removed his big boy pants and used the potty to poop with no mess at all. He also found himself a clean pair of “just like Daddy’s” cloth pants and happily paraded around the house with them on. Kept them clean and dry too.

So, half the time I am so proud of my little guy, and the rest of the time he is a right pest.


We were supposed to be in Florida lazing on the beach this week, but this got canceled at the last minute. Bill and I were both really annoyed as we were in need of a break by the sea and really looking forward to getting away. Apparently we could have gone in August instead, but I didn’t really fancy popping my sprog on the beach like one of the turtles. Grrrr.

I spent ages cruising the net in search of any July vacancies. It was tough as pretty much everything was already booked, or now insanely expensive. I’m excited to say that on Friday I did manage to find us a deal we could afford and hopefully (cheque and contract is in the post) we have a reservation for a rental very close to where we were originally going to go! We’ll be heading to Cape San Blas for 19th – 26th July. Hoorah! Bill’s happy as this place also has tennis courts, though I’m not sure exactly who he is intending to play with!


Oh great. Sam’s just noticed that if he throws a frisbee at the ceiling fan it goes crash tinkle and spins off frantically off to hit a wall.


Bill and I peeked in on Sam the other night and were confronted with this little scene:

Monkey and Sam snoozing in sync
Monkey and Sam snoozing in sync

Since Monday

June 13, 2008

I decided I may have been overdoing things a little with Sam lately so we took a couple of days off from haring around Atlanta becoming prey to his hectic social schedule and had a couple of days of self imposed hermitage in the house.

I’ve also not been sleeping terribly well lately, as evidenced by this late night entry brought on by baby Bea jumping up and down on my bladder and generally making me feel quite uncomfortable when I try to sleep at night. I got to take a few obviously well needed daytime naps over the last couple of days. I seem to be able to sleep much more soundly in the grasped afternoon moments when Sam is napping too. Dreams have been terribly vivid and crazy recently and I find myself immersed in dreams which continue the hours as if I am absolutely awake and carrying on with the day. On Tuesday I was woken from one such deep slumber by the phone ringing and once I had got over my disorientation I was pleased to find it was my folks calling. I had a nice lengthy chat with Mum and Dad and they helped put me back on hopefully an even keel again. As did Sam when he woke up mid conversation, wandered into the room, and interrupted all adult talk by deciding to blow raspberries on my tummy for baby Bea.

After wishing my folks goodnight the lack of air conditioning proved stifling and wished I could act on my Dad’s suggestion to go sit in a paddling pool. As if by magic I remembered that PWD had given us a pool at the end of last summer, and miraculously when I peered hopefully into the attic it was the first thing I spotted. I hauled it down, plopped it onto the front porch and tossed a couple of cold buckets of water, and the entire freezer tray of ice cubes into it. Sam thought it was marvelous. He splashed around in naked toddler delight, I put on my cossie and wallowed, and we both sucked on delicious ice lollies until Daddy came home and found us.

Wednesday evening was both fun and sorrowful as we held a girl’s night out to wish Jen good luck and farewell with her sudden unexpected departure to Chicago where her husband just landed himself a great job in theatre. I’m very excited for her but will miss her very much. It’s going to be sad not seeing Isabella at the park anymore.

We went to Decatur for a tasty noodle meal and then ended up crawling around the town in search of chocolate dessert. My fault entirely as I had seeded the need for afters in our minds but every menu we looked at only carried cake laden with nuts. No good at all. Eventually, after being seated at The Brickstore the waitress sent us packing with promise of cake, delicious cake, at coffee house Java Monkey. She was not wrong. We ended the evening tucking into huge portions of gateaux while Brandie had us in hysterics by totally lowering the tone of the conversation, and mortifying us (well, me) by including the staff in her potty themed ramblings.

Today I decided to brave the outside world with my barbarian toddler and take Sam to the pool once more. We went to meet Alyssa and Lucas at McKoy and after having promised an excited Sam that he would be going swimming were horrified to find it closed for a hygiene cleaning. Sam bawled and screamed as we drove back out of the car park. He didn’t understand at all. Luckily for him I knew about another public pool to visit and his tears dried up as soon as we turned onto Church Street and he spotted Glenlake Pool.

Although at first glance the pool isn’t as nice as the McKoy Pool I think I actually found it much easier to deal with Sam at Glenlake. The pool is a basic rectangular one with a toddler area roped off in the shallow end. It has no “beach access,” meaning you have to step right into a depth of around one and a half feet, but this meant that Sam was discouraged from running in and out, and all around the pool. Instead he clung to me uncertainly and gave me lots of lovely hugs and kisses before overcoming his anxiety and beginning to splash and play with Lucas.

A cute little girl was playing with her ball in the water and it took some coaxing to dissuade Sam from stealing her toy and hoarding it. Sharing encouraged by her Mum, trust grew between the girl and our boys and they were soon playing like friends and throwing the ball to each other happily. Sam had a great time and I was able to relax a little in the refreshing water myself. Much better. Weather permitting, we’re going to go back tomorrow afternoon.

Despite having such fun I also spent the day concerned and a little preoccupied as Quince was at the vets having an operation. You may remember I mentioned that he had had to go in for a teeth cleaning a couple of weeks ago after he developed terrible bad breath and was obviously experiencing pain in his mouth? Well, when the vet examined his teeth she ended up having to extract ten teeth. While doing this she also discovered a lump on his tongue and decided she ought to send it for biopsy. Bill and I were appalled when the result came back positive for cancer.

Today the vet worked to remove a larger portion around the lump to clear away any cancer cells there. She also took a couple of x-rays to determine whether the cancer had spread internally to any of his organs. Well, I’m happy to say that Quince is back with us this evening. He’s not in a very good state following his ordeal, but the x-rays were clear and showed no sign of the cancer having spread. We feel really lucky that hopefully we caught the lump early enough and our beloved Quincy is going to be just fine. Three cheers for Quincy!


June 10, 2008

I’m feeling like a pretty rotten mum at the moment. I’m just not sure how to deal with my little independent child at the moment.

I took Sam to the McKoy swimming pool in the afternoon to cool down and meet his friends. I’ve been struggling to keep him from racing around on the concrete skirting the pool and yesterday was no exception. I feel like I am constantly yelling his name futilely trying to get his attention. Trying to explain that he needs to slow down and walk around the poolside is seemingly a lost cause. Unlike the other toddlers he doesn’t like to splash in the shallows and stay close to mum. He prefers to charge around and I have to constantly chase after him trying to keep him safe and out of trouble. I had to buy him a little pair of swim shoes so that he doesn’t scrape up his toes or burn his soles on the hot concrete.

Yesterday was no exception. I was already exhausted from taking him to the park and the shops in the morning.

At Avondale Park he had Quincy and I charging across the hot playing field desperately trying to get to him before he disappeared out of the park boundary and onto the road.

While I was browsing the swimsuit tops at Target looking for something more secure that Sam hopefully couldn’t hang from and pull off, he unbuckled himself from the trolley and escaped. He moved so fast my belly and I couldn’t keep up and he was soon lost among the aisles. I was desperately waddling from department to department trying to spot my little red blur of running sunsuit and tracking the sound of his laughter. Other customers pointed out the last direction my wayward screeching child was seen running and I eventually caught up with him when several other mothers got together and managed to head him off for me.

Oh and I almost forgot the screaming scenario we had in Ross because I’d made him leave his Thomas ball in the car so we wouldn’t lose it. In fits of tears he refused to sit in the trolley and kept standing up, lurching to grab hold of me. I also had shoppers here start to reprimand me for “letting” my son stand in the trolley, so I ended up allowing Sam to climb up into my arms (where he gave me the most wonderful firm hug), and leaving the store.

So at the pool I was hoping for a more relaxing afternoon. This was not to be. Fed up of chasing him to avail and burning my feet on the near molten concrete I sat down in the water with Alyssa for a split second and watched as my son took off running again. I think everyone in the pool must know Sam’s name the number of times I have to yell it to try to get his attention. On this occasion he also had a lifeguard chasing him trying to get him to slow down. It was too late though and my little guy took a tumble, went head over heels and landed right on his face.


I feel awful. It looks so bad. Sam only screamed and screamed for a minute or two though, and then he was back to his normal self and wanting to charge around again. I spent my afternoon getting more and more frazzled trying to tame him. I also worried myself silly that he might have done more than grazed himself badly and was constantly evaluating him for any other damage. He did worry me when he started stuttering over words. I couldn’t tell if he was just happy and enjoying the sounds he was making, or was struggling to say well practiced nouns. Thankfully I decided it was the former.

When he fell asleep on the way home I took him into the house and curled up on the sofa with him on my chest so I could keep a close eye on him. I was very grateful when Bill arrived home and could take a look at him too. He reassured me that Sam was just a normal little boy and that’s what boys do. Still, I’d told Bill about the accident over the phone and he was still pretty shocked when he saw the extent of Sam’s busted eye. You can’t really see on these photos but he was bleeding from scrapes up above his eye on his forehead too. I guess what these photos really show is that Sam is in dire need of a haircut!


I am seriously questioning whether I can continue to take him out swimming. Normally it wouldn’t be so much of a problem but as Beatrice Belly is getting bigger I am getting slower, and more achy and tired. I just can’t keep up with him at the moment. I am getting really fed up that he doesn’t listen to me. The other mums get to sit in the cool water and chat while their toddlers play safely and happily nearby. It’s not like he’s really being naughty or bad or anything. He’s having an awful lot of fun and really enjoys going “schwimmint”. I just can’t get him to understand that he has to stay with me, and not run around, for his own safety. I wish he would just splash and play in the water with everyone else. I feel like such a useless mum right now.

I was walking along behind Sam through the water later in the afternoon and heard one wallowing woman cattily whispering to her friend and questioning “Who is with that little boy in the green?” I turned around and responded “Well, that would be me.” That put a fun look on her face, but then they both got up and went to the other end of the pool to no doubt continue to bitch.


June 4, 2008

Mistakenly a rogue crayon was left in Sam’s room when he went to bed. I was alerted by the sounds of a very happy boy chattering away merrily to himself. By that time it was already too late. An entire wall and substantial part of another were covered in scribbled markings. It was hard to be angry at such grand scale artistic endeavour. Especially when the artist fervently gestured to the strokes, seemingly trying to express his creative vision to us. I have yet to even attempt to clean the drawing from the walls as it is so interesting when Sam takes a moment to explain the intricacies of the picture he has created.