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Nee Naw

May 30, 2008

Nee Naw

Just a little fire engine cake I baked up as a belated birthday present for Lucas. His second birthday party got canceled after his granma sadly passed away so I wanted to make him a little something special to mark the occasion.

More potty training

May 28, 2008

Sam woke up needing a change of underwear so I helped him into some clean big boy pants. As I was doing so asked if he was going to keep these ones clean and dry, and go pee pee or poo poo in the potty if he needed to?
He replied…”Doubt it!”

Love You

May 26, 2008

I was cuddling a teary eyed and upset Sam in his bed this evening and trying to get him to settle down. Bill popped his head around the door to say goodnight to his son and to see how we were doing. After reinforcing that it was bedtime, he left the room telling Sam how much he loved him. Sam looked up from my shoulder, right at Daddy, and echoed “love you!” back. That’s the first time we’ve heard him say that. Daddy was happily pleased.

26.6 lbs

May 20, 2008

Sam refused to get on the scales for his two year doctor’s appointment. It was another matter at the vet’s this morning, couldn’t drag him off theirs!

We had to take Quince to get a diagnosis and treatment for what seems to be some infected back teeth. Poor guy has to go in for a tooth cleaning on Thursday, and possibly some extractions.


May 15, 2008

We must have an infestation!

I just went to the dining room cupboard where we store the dry foods and noticed that a pound packet of Belgian chocolate earmarked for attempting a batch of frozen chocolate bananas had been torn open and there’s a substantial amount missing. The remaining bar is sticky and covered in tiny little teeth marks.

It must surely be a co-incidence that my little angel boy just had to be wiped down because he was covered in a mysterious sweet smelling brown substance. Head to foot it was, but especially around his mouth.

Oink! Oink!

May 13, 2008

Sam and I took another trip to see the animals at the zoo this morning. Our first stop was the petting zoo. Sam likes the kune kune pigs, he always races to their pen to say hello. Today they were outside in the enclosure with the sheep and goats so Sam got to stroke their bristly backs.

Sam’s face lit up dramatically when he spotted his friend, Connor, peering through the fence at the goats and the petting animals were forgotten as he charged over to see him. It’s lovely seeing the toddlers get so excited to see each other now. Tricia and I then took the boys for a meander through the rest of the zoo. The new exhibit of naked mole rats was a big hit with the little guys, they especially liked having to crawl through a tunnel in order to see the mole rats, and were fascinated seeing the strange alien creatures scuttle through their burrows.


TMI potty update

I am proud to report that Sam has unprompted sat on his potty for every poop since Friday. With two exceptions he has also run to his potty to go pee too. The first exception was at the zoo when he told me he needed to go potty, but I didn’t get him to a bathroom in time. The second was when he had just woken up from his nap and wandered into my bedroom to find me. He had taken his pants off but was a bit disorientated and still sleepy. He had a wet accident on our bed and was then terribly distraught about what he had done. I wasn’t even curt or tense with him as it really was an accident and I don’t want to make him feel bad, but the poor little guy got terribly upset that he hadn’t gone on his potty, he just burst into tears and had to be consoled.

edit – Whoo! Another poop in the potty! I just went in to check on Sam as I knew he’d taken his jammies off and was hovering over his potty the last time I peeked in on him. He likes his privacy so I’d left him to it and resolved to keep checking in frequently until the deed was done. Well, it didn’t take long at all, he did his business and the next time I walked into his room I found him contentedly snuggled back into his bed. He’d left his big boy pants clean and dry at the foot of the bed but had tried to put his pyjamas back on, not terribly successfully. He was scrunched up with both legs wedged into one leg of his shorts, but was very happy with himself indeed, and so am I. I am so very pleased with him right now! He’s awesome.

Mud Glorious Mud

May 10, 2008

The Allen Family was up bright and early again today and once Sam had had his obligatory marmite on toast it was off to the courts to watch Daddy play in the tennis play offs.

When getting Sam dressed to go he was insistent that he wanted to wear his pirate wellies, and I wish I had listened to him because when we got to the tennis centre he happily found a really disgusting looking puddle of mud and was not to be dissuaded from jumping right in. I guess it didn’t really matter though as soon the puddle wasn’t restricted to his feet and he was having a good wallow. I gave up trying to keep him out of it at that point and let him have a great time splashing around.

Bill’s team played well against some tough competition and they’ve squeaked through to the next round. Bill had a good match and lots of people were complimentary about his game, but sadly he and Richard lost their match. Though, it was very tight and quite the three set epic.

The sun was brutal today and we sweltered without shade. All the matches were so competitive we didn’t leave the courts ’til three. I managed to keep Sam nicely slathered in sun screen and he still looks nicely English porcelain. I, on the other hand, obviously missed some spots and have some beautiful lobster going on. Drat.

Semi finals are tomorrow. Go Bill!

Almost two weeks ago

May 10, 2008

Sam was celebrating his birthday.

Now it’s Auntie Melly’s turn!

Happy Birthday Melinda – Sam hopes you get some good Henry the green train birthday cake too!

Potty training

May 8, 2008

Yesterday I found Sam on his potty. He had taken his shorts and big boy pants off and was doing a tinkle. He then made me carry it to the bathroom where we poured it into the toilet bowl. He said “good bye!” and then flushed the loo!

Potty training is being a bit hit and miss at the moment. He will do something that just astounds me and makes me think we are making progress, but most of the time Sam now just tells me he needs a clean, dry pair of pants once the pair he’s wearing is already dirty and wet. Still, that’s pretty big progress from where we were ten days ago anyway.

Car Thief | Brush Strokes | First Strokes | Different Strokes | BA

May 5, 2008

On Thursday Bill made the switch to using MARTA to get to and from work in an effort to conserve money in the face of increasing petrol prices (UK folk stop snickering!), be more environmentally conscious and avoid the hell that is Midtown Atlanta in the midst of huge road construction causing traffic congestion.

On Thursday I decided to take Sam to the High Museum for some toddler art and thought I’d switch the cars out en route as Bill had taken Perdie to the station and as she doesn’t guzzle as much petrol as Bessie I thought it would be better for Sam and I to be tootling around in her.

Problem is, I forgot to tell Bill this.

He arrived back at the MARTA station in the evening and almost freaked out. He was thinking he must be the unluckiest person ever to have his car stolen from the lot the first time he uses the train!


It was a good job I had thoughtfully parked Bessie in exactly the same spot that he had left Perdie so at least his distress wasn’t too long lived when he retraced his steps.


The afternoon at the High was good. Sam actually fell asleep on the walk up the road to the get there. I didn’t think he’d want to miss it, and seeing as we’d made the effort to get there, I gave him a shake. He was delighted to wake up with an easel and pastels in front of him. The theme that day was Georgia O’Keefe’s en plein air flower paintings and toddlers were prompted to use water-soluble pastels and a water mister to produce flower drawings of their own. Sam had a great time smearing the pastel around, prompting me to keep his paper constantly soggy and prodding it with a paint brush.


I find when I sit down on the sofa at the moment I often have a small child clamber on top of me and then slide down my legs, chuckling and giggling.


Sam battles with his emotions. Sometimes it seems that his feelings swamp him and get to be too much. He’ll stop what he is doing and close his eyes really tightly and scrunch up his face. You can almost see him trying to consult with his internal self. I just want to hug him and hold him close.


My new circus tent of a swimming costume arrived last week and so Sam and I finally went to the pool again now I have something to fit into once more. We went on Friday afternoon and had a fantastic time. I am very proud to report that Sam really truly took his first unassisted strokes through the water. He released his hold on me to try to swim for a float that was out of his reach. I let him go and excitedly watched as he splashed and kicked his way over until he had it in his grasp. It wasn’t a terribly far distance, but I was impressed. He kept his bottom up, his head out of the water, and he powered through the water happily. That little effort did tire him out though and he didn’t repeat it for the rest of the session, preferring instead to sit on the side of the pool, count to three and then jump back in. Over and over.


Rain stopped play on Saturday up in Woodstock so Bill’s make up match was played this morning. I am pleased to report that his team won and have progressed to the next round of the playoffs. Bill’s a tad grumpy though as he and his partner lost their match and are through by dint of the rest of the team winning theirs. The first set was pretty ropey and they lost that one pretty badly but then came back with a second set that bruised the opponents badly. The third set was looking good for Bill and Richard and they were seeming the obvious winners, but then I had to take a restless Sam away to the nearby playground to expel some energy and when I returned the match was lost. Not quite sure what happened. Still, the team is through and lives to play again next weekend. Go Bill!


Baby bump has a name and maybe I’ll tell you in the morning. We’re pretty decided on it at the moment, though of course reserve the right to change our minds at any point until it’s on the official birth certificate.

So, okay, Auntie Melly, here’s some clues:

– She might be a honey, or she could be a killer.

– Sproglet II is going to be a ballen just like her daddy.