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Rum, brownies and a quarter of a candle.

July 27, 2006

It’s five past ten and I’ve just celebrated Sam’s first three months with us with some freshly baked chocolate brownies and a glass of rum (left over from Christmas 2004 and discovered hiding at the back of the cupboard). Pip ray for Sam! It’s frightening how the time has flown and what a big boy he is becoming.

This morning we went to the Dekalb mum’s group once more and sat around discussing babies while the sprogs lay on blankets spread out on the floor in front of each mum. Sam had some tummy time but most impressive was when he was flopping around on his back and seemed to make a concerted effort to flip over onto his front.

In an effort to reach the little boy wriggling next to him he hoisted his legs up to his tummy and shifted his weight over to his side, where he wobbled for many moments while I cheered him on expecting a roll over any time. He seemed very determined. I tried to help by concentrating really hard and blowing him in the right direction, but it was to no avail and just as he seemed to be on the verge of toppling over he gave up, flopped back on to his back and started doing The Dying Fly once more.

At eleven we went upstairs to the lactation support group where he weighed in at a staggering 13lbs 4oz, or 6.08 kg.

When I got home I was surprised to see the truck in the drive. Bill was home. His office had been closed for the day due to a fire on one of the floors. I was really excited and happy to have him home, but after feeding the boy yet again I passed out and woke up at five with the afternoon behind me. Rats. Shame we didn’t get to spend the afternoon doing something nice, but I guess I was pretty exhausted so it was great that Bill was there to look after Sam and at least they got to hang out together. Sounds like Sam had a good afternoon in his gym and got lots of daddytime.

Here he is having a snooze in his cot today. I think he takes after my dad as he sleeps with his hands above his head and kicks his legs around.

Yesterday afternoon I got all creative again and tried my hand at making a tube sling. Sam was asleep when I finished it so I wasn’t able to test it last night, how frustrating, so I gave it a trial run this morning when we went out. I’m pretty pleased with it, and although think it’s a little small I wanted to wear it anyway to get a feel for how to make improvements in a future version. Sam really seemed to like it. As soon as I slip him into the pocket he seems really content and snuggles right up, or happily peers around. It’s really secure and it’s nice to have another way to carry him, yet have my arms free.

It’s certainly not a replacement to the Baby Bjorn carrier, but I think it will be easier to use when popping to the shops as I can keep the sling on (without baby it looks pretty good as a patterned tube around the shoulders) and then just slide him in and out of the pocket without having to fuss with clips.

I’ve noticed myself balking at having to go shopping if I need to make more than one or two stops, or nip somewhere quickly, because getting him in and out of the car seat, Baby Bjorn and pushchair does get tedious and we both end up hot and bothered. Fingers crossed this solution works out for us.

I’m excited, here’s to the next three months of dirty nappies, wriggling baby and feeling exhausted. Hooray for Sam!

Babes in the park

July 24, 2006

Once again Sam and I went to Piedmont Park for our Monday morning mummy meet up. Today there were six mums and their babies taking a group stroll around the grounds and ending up finding some shade near the playground for some baby time and chatting.

Of course, as usual I got Sam dressed up as lovely as could be, but today I was especially pleased with myself because he wore an outfit I made for him this weekend.

After the mum’s group on Thursday I wandered over to the nearby Hancock’s Fabrics and couldn’t resist buying some cheap cotton jersey to play with. Back at home I took one of my favourite baby rompers and decided to make a slightly bigger version using that as a guide. I then had a bit of trouble with the sewing machine and started to sew my little creation by hand when Bill caught me. On Sunday we went shopping and Bill decided to treat me to a new sewing machine. It’s lovely, I’ve never had a machine with so many stitches. Mine, all mine! *squeal!*

So, the little romper you can see Sam modeling in this photo is my first little creation, hopefully there will be many more to come.

After our walk in the park we went to Willy’s to grab some lunch but then my appetite suddenly vanished. I’d been feeling somewhat spaced and I kept having conversations where I was finding it really difficult to follow what was being said and just feeling odd. When I got home I fed Sam, put him in his cot and then climbed into bed myself for a nap. This nap turned into a three hour deep sleep where I totally zonked out and was barely able to move. My head was throbbing, though not really achey and my hands were doing that odd sensation where they go numb, feel really heavy and seem to pin me to the bed. I remember the phone rang a couple of times and I just had to ignore it. Thankfully Sam was peaceful and slept the entire time too. Not sure what I’d have been like if he’d been awake and needing attention. I was eventually startled awake by Bill arriving home and appearing in the bedroom. I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately, maybe I’m just experiencing some baby adjustment, or need to remember to take my multivitamins more often, but I’ve decided to make an appointment to see a doctor just in case.


July 12, 2006

After his morning feed Froggy was being sat up and burped while looking at the black and white silhouette on our bedroom wall. That’s a favourite of his and he loves to grin at it.

He then looked down and almost gave a start before quite obviously staring at his feet which were wrapped in cow print babygro. Only one was visible above the bedcovers but he stared intently at it and then began to wiggle it and look very contemplative.

I uncovered his other foot so he could see it and he visibly turned, cooed and began to stare delightedly at that wiggling foot too.

I do believe Froggy just discovered his feet! I wonder whether the black and white cowprint was the source for fascination or whether he’ll be just as enthralled when he’s got naked toes too!

I’m very amused and quite excited for him.


July 11, 2006

Sam got some exciting mail on Saturday afternoon when a delivery man came staggering up the drive laden with a big box from our friends at Star Provisions. When Sam opened his unexpected present out jumped a lovely cuddly cow. Sam was over the moon with his gift.


This morning Sam and I went to “mommy and me” fitness at the Y again. It was a lot busier than the previous time we went and if the babies had been mobile it would have been practically hopping.

I’m really not a morning person and so Sam’s schedule so far, if you can call it that, has been to nap or lounge in his swing in the morning and then get busy and have wide awake playtime in the afternoon. However, everything we do at the moment seems to involve getting up and being organised and out of the house by 10 o’clock. Which means no nap for Sam and I think it’s really showing when we get back to the house after our activities.

Yesterday we went to the park, and today we went to the Y, and both days I’m had a horrible afternoon of cranky, loud baby who just won’t settle but who, I’m thinking, is getting over tired and should be fast asleep. At least, that’s what I assume the problem is because feeding him, changing him and giving him reassuring hugs just doesn’t seem to help.

It’s not too bad really I suppose. It could be a lot worse. It’s not like he spends the entire time bawling or anything. When he cries it’s not usually too long before I can calm him down so I do have quiet moments. It’s just draining in that he demands my attention the whole time and as soon as I put him down or try to let him amuse himself he’ll be putting those lungs to work again. The cries just go right through me and it feels like it’s the worst sound in the world. The headache it gives me lingers on well past the tears and I can’t get anything else done.

So, right now, Sam’s been wide awake practically all day and is finally looking like he’s being lulled to Dream Land in his swing at the moment, and I’m shattered.

Tomorrow we’re up early again to go to the library with Natalie and Alyssa and their babies for “activities and materials that will enhance the development of infant language and motor skills.” I do hope the afternoon won’t turn into a repeat performance of today.

A gossip of mums.

July 10, 2006

A bit of a record for me today. It’s now been two days in a row that I’ve managed to get up, get Sam ready and be out of the house by ten to go for a walk. Not bad at all.

This time Sam and I were excited to go meet up with some of the mums from the mother’s group I’ve been going to at Dekalb Medical Centre. As we were heading over to the car park after the last meeting, one of the other mums and I decided that it’d be nice to get out of the house and go for a walk in the park. We arranged to meet up at Piedmont Park in the morning and sent an email to all the other mums and babies inviting them along too, the more the merrier. We were pleased to get quite a good turnout and had a lot of fun as our little stroller brigade meandered through the park grounds.

One of the ladies I’ve met at this group actually lives just down the road from me so she offered to put Sam’s seat in her car and carpool. Hoorah! That worked out really well.

We all met in the car park and, once gathered, nattered our way along the paths. It was a lovely morning and we’ve arranged to meet up next week too; same time, same place.

Tomorrow should be another active morning for Sam and I as we’ll hopefully be heading to the YMCA to attend the “mommy and me” fitness class. I went for the first time a fortnight ago (4th July got in the way last week and the Y was closed) and had a great time. I was a little nervous but am so glad I went. There were only a couple of other mums there that week (I guess many people had taken the opportunity to go on holiday) but everyone was very nice and the instructor, Rita, was lovely. It was very relaxed and I can’t say it was particularly great exercise but it was wonderful to have something else to get out of the house for with Sam that doesn’t involve shopping.

Rita’s son, Stanley, was toddling around as she showed us what to do and the class was quite amusing. One of the exercises involved doing press ups with your baby beneath you and when you lowered down you had to give baby a big kiss. Sam liked that!

Ugh, this afternoon when we were dropped off after our outing I don’t know what on earth was upsetting our little chap but he was a misery most of the afternoon. My ears have been assaulted. He cried and cried and was inconsolable. I guess he was maybe overly tired as although he had a snooze in his stroller while we were walking it must have been a lot for him to take in, and then this afternoon he barely napped at all. I’ve just managed to get him to calm down and lay in his cot without crying. Now of course he’s being all angelic again and it’s hard to believe he was such a grump earlier. Here he is, with his best friend Baddit Jr, being easily enthralled by the mobile again.

Sunday morning at Sweetwater

July 10, 2006

Somehow Bill managed to prise me from my bed early yesterday morning and we loaded the dogs and the frog into the car and set out to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a stroll before the sun got too high and started to scorch Georgia once more.

As Sam is doing so well at holding his head steady I decided to start off by trying him in his Baby Bjorn carrier facing forward for the first time. Usually he curls up on my chest and falls asleep immediately, but facing forward he got very excited and stared around wide eyed and open mouthed.

It wasn’t long before I felt like I was in that old comedy sketch with the aliens who just point at everything and say “tree!” Any ideas what I’m on about? Can’t fully remember what that was but I was certainly living it yesterday.

We walked along the trail up to the New Manchester mill and then continued along the path and climbed up into the hills before winding back down to the riverside once more. In places the path was very broken up with hefty tree roots which I had to carefully navigate, or granite boulders which we had to scramble over. This was tricky with Sam fastened to my front as it was hard to see where I was treading. Bill also had his problems as he had to deal with two excited dogs trying to trip him up with their leads.

There’s a monkey in my bed!

July 6, 2006

Yesterday afternoon after a tough session working out at the gym doing some tummy and strength exercises I returned to my cot for a bit of a nap and found a monkey in my bed!

He was rather large and a lot bigger than me, but I wasn’t afraid to give him a hug. He was lovely and soft and very, very cute. He didn’t seem to mind when I tried to bite him. I’ve told him we can be friends, but mummy says he’s not allowed to stay in my bed while I’m sleeping. That’s fine by me, I like my wriggle space and although he seems very nice, I don’t trust monkeys, especially large ones. Besides, who knows where they’ve been?!

must bite the monkey!

Today mummy and I went to see lots of other babies and their mummys at Dekalb Medical Centre. We like going there every week and seeing how all the other little boys and girls are doing. I always look forward to seeing my friend Lucas there. He’s not a monkey. He’s not even soft or fluffy but I like him.

It’s much more fun having tummy time there because I get to look at other babies and show off what a good, strong, quiet boy I am while mummy gets to eat cake and talk about boring stuff. I did get a bit carried away today though. I raised my head up really high and everyone was so impressed that I forgot I got excited and head butted the floor. OW! It hurt! I had a good cry for a while but mummy hugs and kisses made it better again very quickly.

I’m looking forward to Monday as mummy has arranged to meet Lucas and his mommy at the park so we can play together again.

Mummy put me on the scales again this week and then told everyone how much I weigh. It’s so undignified. I think that the fact that I’m 12lbs and 8oz this week should be my business and not for everyone to know and comment on.

When we got home we had a nice visitor. My Auntie Julie came over to see us and take mummy out for lunch. She’s my daddy’s sister and gives me lots of hugs and cuddles. I like hugs and cuddles and I like Auntie Julie.

I’m tired now though and I’m going to go back to bed. I wonder if that monkey is waiting for me again?

lots of love