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Green fingers

May 31, 2005

Only one of the three foxgloves I bought when Mum and Dad were here has taken and off and flowered so far. The other two are still biding their time I guess.

This is the bonus mystery plant that we found hidden beneath the foliage of one of the other plants I got from the Grower’s Outlet.

The rest of the garden is growing well and is happily soaking up the rain at the moment.

Clean dogs…hairy bathroom.

May 31, 2005

Why my dogs will be getting a bath.

May 31, 2005

So after all that time sat on my arse staring at a monitor being Gertrude my head was about to explode, I was very grumpy and come Monday I wanted nothing more than to see some countryside, real life people and take the dogs out for a jaunt. Well, actually, I would have really loved to go to the seaside, but that’s not really feasible.

For a while now Bill’s old orange Imac has been sitting around not being loved and his sister Mary has been needing a new computer. Hmmm…we have a spare computer, and Mary needs one…hmm…. there’s a really obvious solution there, can’t quite put my finger on it!

Yesterday, we decided to take the dogs for a jaunt to Camp Leslie and deliver Mary a newly reformatted Imac.

Again, it wasn’t a very nice day, being all damp and miserable, and Bill was almost a meanie and wouldn’t let the dogs tag along for fear of them getting wet and dirty. I however stood up for their doggy rights and on condition they were my responsibility they had a last minute reprieve and were soon excitedly running around the house dragging their leads behind them and squealing when I told them where we were going.

“Where are we going Quincy? Are we going to see Lucylu? How about Alex…Alex?’



*Quince starts to whine and howl and paw the floor*

“Uncle Hank and Aunty Mary?”

“rawf! howwwwwl!”

*Genghis and Quince both shake and quiver with anticipation*

Heh heh.

By the time we arrived at Camp Leslie both dogs were about ready to bite their way out of the truck to get to their three hairy cousins.

Bill spent a while helping Mary set up the computer and talking her through the various applications, then came the part I’d been waiting for…taking the dogs to the pond and letting them run free for a bit.

Again, Bill wasn’t too keen on this idea as the pond wasn’t so much a water hole than a mud pit. The previous spell of dry weather had practically dried the pond up and as it had been raining recently the exposed surface was a nice claggy red mud. You could see the look of horror on Bill’s face as Quince and Genghis ran straight through the mud and into remaining puddle. They had a great time splashing around and were soon joined in the water by Tate, who waded out and then patiently waited to have stones thrown at him, as usual.

I also climbed down into the bowl and stomped around in the mud happily. If I’d done that the last time I was there I’d have been submerged and having to swim, this time the muddy water barely made it to Quince’s knees as he frolicked around.

Every so often a bird would scoot overhead and Genghis would run full pelt to chase it down. He never stood a chance but had great fun trying.

Although we kept Gingernut’s lead on him he was very good, and always came back when called. In fact he was better behaved than Quince who became completely mesmerized by a herd of jet black cows that had ambled over to the fence, apparently under the mistaken impression that Lucylu was a lost calf and needed to rejoin the herd.

Once the fun was over all five dogs got a hose down and dried off. Hank took charge of drying Quince and they ended up playing matador with him. Quince loves to play with towels, and Hank loves to play with Quince.

Where did the weekend go?

May 31, 2005

I’m very glad that the weekend just gone was a long one.

We were intending to venture out to the Star Bar on Friday night to see Grand Moff Tarkin (Jim’s Star Wars band) but as they weren’t going to be on stage until 1pm and Bill came home from work totally shattered and looking completely drained, we decided to forego that outing. It was a shame because I’d been looking forward to seeing them and we’d missed Jim play the other day too. That time we just plain forgot though.

Instead we of course turned to World of Warcraft for entertainment.

Saturday, we had a jaunt into Molten Core planned and were back on World of Warcraft for a forty man instance raid at 1 o’clock. I should explain. Molten Core is one of the high level raid instances in World of Warcraft. It takes a group of forty people working together to be able to successfully complete it. I believe there are ten big bad bosses lurking inside, each one needing different strategies to take down.

Once you kill the first enemy, Lucifron, the instance becomes saved and a count down begins. We then have seven days in which to try to defeat all of the bosses before everything spawns again. Raid members become locked to this particular instance and are unable to enter Molten Core with any other group until the instance resets. Each time a boss is defeated he drops a couple of epic items which are highly prized by players but the ratio of drops to raid group is tiny and most runs only a handful of people will return brandishing phat loot.

At the moment such raids are terribly tiring and we must have spent four or five hours trying to work out the tactics to defeat the fifth boss, Baron Geddon. We’ve been running these raids for some weeks now and can pretty much defeat the first four bosses without too much trouble.

The first time we got a group together and went in we wiped at the first mobs and didn’t even get to see a boss but on Tuesday evening we were able to blow through Lucifron and Magmadar, and on Thursday we managed to take down down Gehennes and Garr. We’re still working on coordination and tactics for the Baron though and unfortunately Saturday was not to be a break through day.

I’m sure you are completely bored by this and are wondering why on earth we’d chose to spend so much time and effort in a virtual world. Believe me, I ask myself the same question but somehow being a level 60 dwarf paladin and helping hubby (level 60 dwarf priest) to heal and keep a raid group alive is a lot of fun. However, I don’t feel quite so bad about it this weekend because the weather was awful and rainy.

We also ran a Dire Maul tribute run this weekend. That is a five man instance where we had to get past a lot of ogre bosses without harming them in order to assassinate the ogre King. If successful all the bosses that you chose not to kill then make you the King and come and pay tribute. More phat (virtual, *sigh*) loot is of course also involved.

*sigh* So there you go another fun, but totally wasted weekend, in the lives of Bill and Kay. However, as I said at the beginning, this weekend was a long one so we had Monday (Memorial Day) to make up and join the real world.


Trago, my little hunky male Night Elf Druid, I’m afraid to say has been decommissioned and has hung up his adventuring hat. He was very handsome and adorable, but I was most surprised to find that I hated playing a male character. There are many people who seem to have to trouble portraying the opposite sex, but I am not one. Bill and I decided that it was just too weird.

I did actually attempt to petition a Games Master asking if it were possible for him to have a sex change, but unfortunately my request was refused. Whether or not they thought I was taking the piss I don’t know. I was quite upset about not being able to continue with Trago but I’m just happier playing a girl, so I’m afraid poor Trago has been ditched.


Scaredy cat kid

May 24, 2005

I’m sat out on the front porch with the two dogs. Genghis is of course on a lead because he can’t be trusted, but Quince is a good dog and is frolicking around the nearest thing we have to a lawn and throwing his chewy up into the air. He’s also being a little bit mean and baiting Genghis who can’t quite get to him.

Our neighbours across the road have still got their immobile car parked opposite our driveway and much to our dismay we’ve not seen them touch it since the tow truck deposited it there. At one point it was covered in an awning, but that barely lasted a day and seems to have been replaced with someone’s discarded underwear.

The garden isn’t exactly looking resplendent and would never make it onto Gardener’s World, but most of the plants seen happy and seem to be doing well. The marigolds and those little white flowers that Dad bought us are looking great blossoming at the front next to the mail box and my buddleia bushes are looking healthy. One of them is really thriving and getting quite big.

That freebie plant Mum discovered hiding beneath one of the plants that we bought while she was here is also doing really well and is currently in bloom. It turned out to be a really pretty plant with three delicious orange petalled flowers sprouting from a single spiky leafed stem.

Anyway, we were just sat here enjoying the breeze as it’s rather hot and stuffy inside the house, when a teenager carrying a ball came walking down the road towards us.

Genghis spotted him first and began to bark alerting Quincy to the potential intruder. Quince, of course, got excited and went to investigate.

Meanwhile the boy freaked a tad and took off running. He raced up to the neighbours dead car, performed quite an impressive flying leap and landed on the roof. He remained perched there for a while even though I’d already called Quincy back from the edge of the yard and, Quincy being the good dog that he is, had come trotting back to me.