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no half a bitter and a packet of road rage

March 24, 2005

Apart from a couple of content tweaks I finished putting together Markham’s portfolio site for him yesterday. The email I received after sending him the latest link to my efforts was:

“You’re a fucking genius. I LOVE IT. Let’s go live with it.”


Just got to sort out some hosting space and get that baby up now.

After work we went to the pub to say our farewells to Markham and wish him a safe journey to his new home in Florida. Had a couple of proper pints of bitter and an aubergine sarnie. Guzzled much more than I probably should have and I wish I could have been girly and been able to order a half! Was good though, special offer on draught beer on a Wednesday….likes that I do!

On the way home we were at the junction to turn onto our road when a car ran the stop sign as it was our turn to go. Bill beeped his horn and we continued on. However, glancing into the rear view mirror I could see the other car had stopped, was reversing back down the road and was turning to follow us.

Bill decided not to go straight home and instead took a turn up by the cemetery. Sure enough this other car followed suite. That wasn’t good. Bill ended up making a couple more quick turns and cutting back into the traffic in East Atlanta village in an effort to lose the jerk behind us.

After our stupid little detour we made it safely back home, solo, and barricaded ourselves in for the night.


Shaun of the Dead

March 21, 2005

Oh and I almost forgot…my birthday didn’t end there. Once we got home we made some popcorn, cracked open some beers and watched Shaun of the Dead on Pay Per View. Funny *we don’t say the zed word here* flick, and it was great to see some of my favourite Brits on the screen. Only had to explain a couple of cultural references to Bill and amazed him when I was able to pinpoint the location. That is, until I pointed out that the street signs had the postcode written on them and the phone book in Shaun’s house was the one for North London! Heh heh.

Ooh which also reminds me..the previous night we had a little scare when we were playing in the office at about 11pm when what sounded like gunfire exploded from what felt like behind the house. The dogs went crazy and had to be calmed down, and after Bill and I had sat and looked at each other for a while he bravely went out to investigate while I cowered at the window with the lights off! Our neighbour was also on his porch across the street trying to work out what the commotion was, but neither he nor Bill got to the bottom of it. Weird. Made sure the doors were very securely locked after that though!

March 20th: the best day of the year.

March 21, 2005

Had a fantastic day yesterday.

Woke up to Bill handing me a pile of pressies! Was very exciting to tear through sparkly pink wrapping paper to find a cute pair of Hello Kitty jammies and open a fabulous and lavishly illustrated Taschen book of fashion from Nicky. Thanks babe!

From the Australian contingent I got a very sweet pink and white matching set from Victoria’s Secret. Mmmm thanks!

From Bill I got a book on knitting and a Borders gift voucher with explicit instructions to go buy myself from music. The book however had an ulterior motive as I think he wants a skull jumper knitted! Cripes…taking me long enough to make my laptop bag, you might have a wait dear!

Spent the morning with three dogs in the bed as a very Mowgli like black lab joined us on the card from Mum and Dad. (Pressie to be hand delivered on Friday…oooh!!!) I flipped through my books, snoozed and was delivered a tasty, steaming, syrup and yogurt laden waffle breakfast in bed. Hoorah!

When I finally crawled from beneath my duvet Bill took the dogs and I out for a day trip to Amicalola Falls State Park where we walked the dogs through the woods to the very tall and pretty waterfall. It was a beautiful day. I kept my eyes peeled for bears, but really was rather glad not to have the pleasure of spotting one.

According to the postcards Amicalola is a Cherokee word which means “tumbling waters” and tumble the water does indeed. It’s possible to walk up a series of (hundreds of) steps to the top of the falls, but unfortunately we just had to stand at the bottom and look up. The steps were constructed from metal grills and there was no way the dogs were walking on those.

I already knew Quince would refuse to set foot on the grills as when we were in Savannah and came to a grid in the pavement he went nuts and refused to tread on it. However, I was curious as to how Genghis would react so we did a little experiment and tried to take him up the first flight. He was very brave and made a big leap onto the staircase, but after maybe 5 steps he could go no farther, started shaking and had to be rescued. Sorry Gingernuts. He was fine as soon as he was back on the path though and merrily bounded into the river to have a drink, back to his normal scoundrel self.

We then drove to the top of the falls where there is a restaurant where we were hoping to find something to eat. Greeted by a “closed” sign however we had to turn away and Bill decided to drive across to Ellijay to see what we could see. He’d not been there before either.

Had a really nice early evening drive across going past loads of apple orchards with rows of stunted little apple trees that looked very brambly and not particularly tree like. Reminded me of the olive gardens I saw in Jerusalem, though obviously not as wizened and ancient.

Also spotted a group of seemingly crazy men stood in the middle of a standing log circle, and attacking the wood with hatchets. Confused me for a while until a little further on we saw carved log bears for sale.

Of course, being Sunday, when we got to Ellijay everywhere was closed there too. Everywhere, that is, except a strange little ice cream parlour come pie shop that was decorated in a way that reminded me of Fab Cafe in Manchester, but instead of beings 60s themed stuff it was a hotch potch of Americana. A nice old man served us egg salad (eggs amazed) sandwiches and lemonade, with apple pie and ice cream to follow. When I found that the ice cream flavour I wanted was out of stock he kindly reappeared a little later with a small bowl of the one I wanted having scraped out the remains for me. As if it were planned, we ate our meal beneath a “Happy Birthday” banner strewn from the ceiling amongst the hanging lp covers.

All in all a great birthday 🙂

an overdue ramble

March 16, 2005

Once again far too long between posts. Ooops. Not had a lot to write really, at least not a lot that wouldn’t be totally sad and sound rather pathetic. I mean, I could have filled posts and posts about World of Warcraft and all the slaying we’ve been doing, but that would be bad, right?

Gertrude (lvl 57 dwarf paladin) and Trago (lvl 18 night elf druid) have been busy adventuring in the land of Eredar. Gertrude has even ventured into Black Rock Deep this past weekend and together with Dumasdurt and an intrepid band of hardy guild mates has fought off both the flamey Incendius and stolen the Heart of the Mountain from the Dark Iron Vaults.

Trago meanwhile has been steadily learning new skills and is on his way to becoming a master blacksmith and miner. He also underwent great tests of endurance to gain two shapeshift abilities. When desired he can now meld into the being of a vicious bear, or slink and dart beneath the waters in fish form.

But in the real world Kay has not been up to much at all really and is rather kicking herself about this. Especially with another birthday looming up with great pace I’m wondering what on Earth I’m doing and what happened to the eager, inquisitive and bright young girl who left school over ten years ago with the world supposedly at her feet.

We did have a lovely day out a couple of weeks ago when Bill and I drove down to see his parents in Milledgeville. March 6th was Mothering Sunday so we had presents and thanks for being a great Mom to deliver. (Americans, panic ye not, for the Mother’s Day you celebrate is yet to come). Hopefully Mom will have found somewhere nice to hang the bird feeder we gave her so that the birds will be happy and she can watch them come to scarf berries and nuts. I hope she gets as much of a kick out of that as I do! I loved watching the different varieties of bird come to feed on our porch last year.

I wish I could have gone to see my Mum and give her a big hug and thanks too, but unfortunately we had to settle for sending a bouquet of flowers. However, I do get to see both Mum and Dad in just over a week so they’ll get enough hugs then to make up for the past year. I’m very excited.

But also very stressed that our house is in practically the same state it was the last time they were here, if not worse thanks to my attack on the bathroom when I thought I had the energy to do something about it, but before the whole prospect of redoing that room became too daunting. Aargh.

The kitchen is still a pit and at night I hate to cook because I can’t see what I’m doing. Not looking forward to catering for four in there, barely have enough space to sort us out in there. Bah humbug. We were hoping that Bill would get a Christmas bonus so we could deal with some of that, but no such luck. Rats.

Still, having Mum and Dad here will be great! Yeah! *bounce*

Had a great call from Nicky last night when I was feeling very homesick and missing friends. Yay for Nicky! Also, just gave Matt a call and had a nice long chat and a gossip. Am very glad he’s doing okay and seems a lot more settled in Worthing. Lots of fun things to do around that neck of the woods! Oh, and was really surprised to get an email from Hols this week too..and she remembered it’s my birthday at the weekend! Hadn’t heard from her for ages so it was great to have that contact.

Otherwise although I’m at home today, I’ve been trying to be good and go into work with Bill most days. I’ve been busy working on a Flash portfolio site for a friend and ex-colleague of Bill’s. Almost done with that and I think it’s coming along rather well. In fact, I just had an idea for a possible splash animation…better get on with it then.

Oh, one more thing…I’m very proud of all the flowers in the front yard at the moment. All the daffodils, crocuses and anemones we planted last year are blooming, and they look great! I think I want even more daffs next year though, then it’ll be just like the banks up Chollacott Lane!