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December 23rd

December 24, 2004

Was celebrated at midnight with a big hug for my man and a glass of Bailey’s or two.

Happy Birthday Bill.

Not going to shame him by telling you how old he is this year, but when big hand hit the hour he was looking a little green.

Playing World of Warcraft into the night and turning off the alarm clock cheered him up considerably though.

In the morning (far too early having been up so late! – Bill doesn’t sleep!) I was woken up and told to hide under the covers while he leapt out of bed with something in his hand. I heard distant rustlings before succumbing back to dreamland, only to be prodded about five minutes later and a present, now wrapped, dumped on top of me.

“Happy Anniversary babe!”

Yes. It’s now a year since we got married. Whoo hoo! Happy Anniversary hubby!

I eagerly unwrapped my gift…a book on knitting some funky stuff, hoorah! I had to then ask if Bill had checked under the Christmas tree lately? For his pressies had been waiting patiently there for him since the night before, he’d even caught me putting them there and walked past them several times without noticing! I swear, Warcraft has addled his brain.

Bill then perked up considerably, raced to investigate and came back beaming, two gifts in hand.

From my parents he unwrapped “The Art of Looking Sideways”, an immense book I’d had the pleasure of carrying home all the way from the Post Office! He was instantly so engrossed in it’s pages that my present to him lay at his side neglected for some time! Heh.

When he got around to my present, of course he could tell exactly what it was through the wrapping as it was something he’d hovered over many times in Borders…a copy of “Pixelworld”. It comes in a heat sealed plastic casing so I was pretty worried as to what he actual contents would be, but when he finally managed to cut his way into it we were both poring over the pages.

Then it was back to warfare in Azeroth for him where he sat with a big happy grin on his face. Of course, I was shattered from the night before and fell asleep again.

A bang at the door causing all three dogs (we’re dogsitting another at the moment) to frenzy brought me back to the awake world. Bill answered the door and was presented with a large parcel. Mum and Dad had sent us a beautiful miniature rose to mark our first anniversary! Thank you!! We should be able to plant it in the garden and watch it grow. *grins*

For lunch we mosied around bitterly cold Decatur, explored some shops and ate burritos and veggie chilli before heading over to Junkman’s in Little Five looking for pressies for the kids. We decided that everything there was a bit adult for them though and had to leave emptyhanded. Think our back up plan of a trip to Borders for gift vouchers may well happen!

Back at the house we munched down on birthday cake. I’d made Devil’s Food Cake the day before, I’d decorated with Bill’s name, but no candles because I forgot to buy any. Doh. Bill declared so many candles would have burnt the house down anyway.

We finished the celebrations off at Thai East Atlanta for a nice anniversary meal where Bill stuffed himself on sushi and I plumped for the Basil Duck, boom boom!

Had a really nice day together.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

December 15, 2004

Big huge hugs to the birthday boy. I do hope you are having a good day and will be doing something nice with Mumsy this evening.
I’d call, but I’m at BrightHouse working on a site today. You’ll probably be in bed by the time I get home. Rats.

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, World of Warcraft has stolen my life.

I am now Gretl, a level 18 Night Elf hunter pursuing quests and skinning everything in my path so I can make lovely things with my mad leatherworking skills. That damn hubby of mine sucked me in! I don’t think I’m quite as terrible as he is though, the other night, a work night I might add, he was up til almost three in the morning casting magic while his Gnome buddy hacked and slew.

Oh, and I have a nice pet bear called Scorchio who is now my bestest friend in the whole world. He was terribly unruly to begin with, but a correct and ample diet of boar, bear and strider meat has tamed him considerably. I do hope he doesn’t decide to run away, I should cry if he did.

I do feel terribly about all the wanton slaying I’m doing though. In my quest to make the latest leather jerkin I’m decimating everything I come across. Poor beasts. There is also something wrong in setting lovely Scorchio upon his own kind and then feeding him bear meat! Wrong and bad. However, quests which involve destruction are so much more fun than running those silly errands delivering messages to characters!

See, World of Warcraft is taking over. This was going to be an entry about the BrightHouse christmas do which happened on Sunday night. Oops.

Oh well, back to PHP. The sooner I get this task done the sooner Gretl gets to venture from the inn again.

A day of death.

December 7, 2004

I’ve just seen my first possum. Unfortunately my first sighting was of it dangling out of Genghis’ mouth.

He’d been causing a disturbance outside and I’d gone to see what all the fuss was about and quieten him down. Having grabbed the torch I scanned the yard and spotted him being suspicious by the compost heap.

He was carrying what I first took to be Monkey and was making to bury him. Genghis has a thing for burying his toys in the compost. Earlier today I’d had to dig out a new tug toy Bill had bought him at the weekend, while Gingernuts joined me in my search and found a mud covered half chewed bone to resurrect and gnaw on.

Monkey however didn’t look quite right, a little too large and dangly, and I thought I saw two pinpoints of light reflect back at me like cats eyes. Genghis also refused to relinquish his burden and totally ignored me. Bill took over cajoling Genghis to come in, while I shoved some shoes onto my feet and went out to investigate.

When I got over to the heap I was really just expecting to find Monkey, and certainly would never have imagined the strange creature with a gummy smile and sharp pointy teeth that I found. I’d never seen a possum before and only really knew what it was by matching it with the lovely natural history illustration Bill has on his back! By torchlight I could make out a shock of quite amazing long textured grey hair sticking out at all angles like a goth girl’s fake fur coat, with a long thick naked banded ratty tail curling up behind it. It’s face held a curled grimace and as I looked down I had the horrible impression that it was still breathing.

Possums are a lot bigger than I realised, and Bill says that the one Genghis caught was a fairly small one. I now understand why one wouldn’t want a family of them living in one’s crawl space.

I was quite astounded and called Bill over. When he realised what I was looking at he made me stand much further away in case it wasn’t actually dead, but in fact cunningly playing possum. Apparently they are very vicious and terribly adept at pretending to be dead while only waiting for the opportunity to retaliate.

Deciding to leave the possum alone for a while just in case, we locked the doggy door and left the yard in quiet darkness.

Back inside Genghis got a very good check up and thankfully he seems intact. Having seen the teeth on that beast I was quite worried.

It’s now several hours later and we now know that the Gengis did indeed strike a killing blow. I thought we ought to clear the yard before bedtime so we don’t have to deal with it in our PJs when the doggys need to go out in the morning. Possum is most certainly no longer and Bill has disposed of it by loading it onto a shovel unceremoniously chucking it over the back fence where I think it landed in a tree. Sorry, wasn’t very nice but it was a bit hard to do anything more gracious when it was so dark and we were both rather nervous about going anywhere near it.

Oh, and Bill told me that they carry rabies, but I’ve just googled and found that to possibly be a fallacy. According to Google they have a naturally high immunity to disease and are resistant to rabies. However, I also found some sites that declare possums to be pestilent carriers of parasites and rabies so now I’m confused. Either way I’m not going near one.


Going to bed now.

…And then there were none.

December 6, 2004

It’s very upsetting. Over the weekend we lost both our remaining goldfish.

Pootle and New Guy had seemingly been doing really well. They had apparently recovered from their bad case of fin rot as their fins appeared to have healed and they were swimming happily and ready to feed again. However, Pootle’s behaviour suddenly relapsed and he started swimming erratically, sometimes upside down, and then hiding in the corner. He also seemed to be struggling with the filter and kept getting dragged towards the intake so we fished him out and put him in a quarantine bowl. A few hours later he was gone.

New guy lasted a couple more days and was looking really healthy and well. He didn’t even exhibit any warning signs. Bill just woke up yesterday, went to check up on him and was distressed to find him floating.

We still have Cthulu, but he’s all on his own now. We’ve decided to leave the tank alone for a few weeks before maybe restocking with some Danios or something.

Over at BrightHouse the situation is even more grim. We got in this morning to find their tank a landscape of decomposing death. Every single fish in the aquarium had suddenly fallen victim to some unknown killer. Apparently they were all fine yesterday. It’s just a horrible tragic sight. Bill’s just got back from having to deal with it.

an early festive visit from Santa

December 4, 2004

A week ago today we piled the dogs into the back of the truck and drove down to Macon to see Richard and Leigh. They’ve got four dogs and it’s a bit of a treat for our two to see them as they get on really well and spend the entire time playing and gamboling around. Genghis especially likes Puck, a chocolate beast who is equally needy, also loves to go for the jugular and play rough. They suit each other very well.

Now, Bill has been itching to get his hands on a computer game that’s just come out. Richard has already gone and bought World of Warcraft and so Bill has been terribly jealous as his friend has for the moment abandoned Neverwinter Nights and gone elsewhere to do his slaying. I was planning on that game being his Christmas present but just knew that there was no way that he’d last the month. Bill’s tricksy and already has a habit of just going out and buying what he wants anyway. When he does that in the run up to Crimble Santa gets very miffed.

So, I’d been sending out the negative vibes about this game as best I could, and it really wasn’t working. Also, I wanted him to have it so he wouldn’t fall terribly far behind his friends. Sneakily I talked to Richard and we came up with a plan.

As soon as Bill got to the house he was on the PC and immersed in Warcraft , a big silly grin spread across his face. He barely even noticed when Leigh said she had to do some shopping and asked if I wanted to accompany her. I kicked myself then for jumping up and probably sounding suspiciously eager, but it didn’t matter. Nothing else existed for Bill as he explored the world.

A big thank you for Leigh who then drove us to Best Buy where I was able to purchase Bill’s crack, and also another additional pressie because it’s so darned difficult to get anywhere and Bill’s with me all the time when I do get out. With his upcoming birthday, Christmas and our wedding anniversary to think of, it’s a bit of a nightmare!

Oh, while we were out and about we witnessed a nasty smash in the parking lot. One car smacked straight into the side of another. From my angle I was really worried as it looked like there had been someone stood between them at the time, but thankfully when we drove past I could see that was just an illusion compiled of dented car body.

Back at the house I sneaked around to wrap the gifts, though I really needn’t have bothered with the secrecy at all. Bill probably wouldn’t have noticed if I’d sat down beside him to do the deed!

The rest of the day was spent eating out, where I was introduced to sloppy bread sticks at their local pizza parlour, and watching the latest Harry Potter DVD on the telly. Bill had taken his PC with him so that got tinkered with too. The dogs had a crazy time racing around causing mayhem and both enjoyed immensely themselves too.

We got back to the house and immediately Bill logged online to find Richard playing with a friend of theirs. He went terribly mopey and slouched around the house a bit while I giggled to myself and pretended not to care, knowing that he was to find a nice package on his pillow that evening. (Couldn’t let him suffer too long could I?!)

It didn’t take too long for Bill to decide to pull out the NeverWinter Nights instead, but oh dear…calamity! He’d taken the disk out of the PC at Richard’s, and forgotten to put it back in again.

The Bill who walked into the room upon realising that was a completely dejected forlorn Bill. Unable to do any slaying he was sliding into a unhappy grump and cursing his foolishness. Perfect. Without further ado I called a house meeting and the dogs and I explained that we’d had a talk and decided that due to the circumstances maybe Bill would like his Christmas present early.

Hee, needless to say Bill was floored and a very happy boy indeed. I love my Bill! It was so great to see him with such a silly grin swimming with shades of confused and impressed on his face.

He was soon hooked up and happily creating his online dwarven persona while I just had to succumb to the duvet and go to bed. I popped into the office to check in on him and say goodnight and found the silly boy hunched over, wearing a really grotty looking set of cheapo foam Walkman headphones he must have dug out of some dark corner, the cord of which was so short he could barely sit upright to see the screen. He explained he’d been trying not to disturb me so I could sleep.

Gah, thus how could I resist bringing out his reserve pressie?!! My head told me I ought to be firm and wait until Christmas, but that set up was so pitiful I succumbed and Bill ended up getting to open present number two, a set of online gaming headphones with microphone so he can talk to Richard while he plays. Bill was stoked, but dammit, it’s back to the drawing board for Christmas ideas! Doh!

Got plenty of warm yummy hugs from a happy hubby that night, and am still getting them! Hoorah!

Feeling very lucky right now

December 3, 2004

On the way home from BrightHouse this evening Bill and I found ourselves right in the middle of a collision which greatly shook us up. We were waiting in a queue about to turn left onto the interstate when I heard a car’s horn behind us coming from a red lorry that was turning onto Lowery. The next thing I knew a black car came screaming alongside me, there were some horrible crashes and crunching noises and debris was flying past the window. The shiny Cadillac ended up coming to a standstill, having bounced off the car in front of us.

This black car had completely sideswiped the vehicle behind, scraping its side from bumper to bumper before spinning off, swerving around and hitting the car in front.

I felt like we’d been hit too, but somehow we were unscathed. I think some of the flying debris had hit the truck and scared the crap out of me, but the main body of the car had sidestepped us completely.

Bill pulled us out of the line, off the road and into a drive through’s car park to double check for damage and get us out of the way, and somewhere nice and safe. As he passed the driver of the protagonist vehicle he made sure that the guy was alright. He looked kind of shaken and disconcerted but wasn’t hurt and had a phone to call for assistance.

After making sure we were definitely alright, and that everyone else involved were out of their cars and talking, we continued on home feeling very wibbly and very fortunate indeed.