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Quincy evolves

September 29, 2004

I just had quite an amazing dream which at the time seemed completely believable and like I’d woken up and was continuing with the day as normal. Except, that is, for one crucial thing.

I’d been planning on taking the dogs out for walkies to the village and was putting on dog walking clothes when Genghis indicated that he desperately needed to go outside.

The dogs barreled around me as I walked through the house to the back door, and once released, charged down the steps into a wet, soggy backyard with rain gently infusing the air before suddenly fiercely slashing through the trees at a clear diagonal. Maybe a walk wouldn’t be happening after all. It’s always quite gloomy in the house and I have a tendency not to look out of windows because of the blinds so I felt disappointed as I stood on the deck watching Genghis race around the compost heap.

Quincy was snuffling around below me and then started acting quite peculiarly. His muzzle crashed and rolled into the mud and his body stretched out taut. He balled up, then repeated this action until astounding me by stretching out, picking himself up onto two legs and staggering a few steps.

At first he looked like he was just reaching for something, like when we make the boys be circus dogs in exchange for a cookie or two. Soon, however, it was clear that Quincy was determined to walk on two legs. It didn’t take him long to master and soon, satisfied with his gait, he teetered back up the stairs and over to me. But not before stooping to pick some leaves and arrange them around his ears in a form of headdress.

Genghis took no notice at all of these proceedings and continued on all fours to find places where he would stand on three.

Quincy, meanwhile, locked himself into the bathroom and shaved.

Halloween costume progresses

September 28, 2004

I feel quite accomplished, I just completed another stage of my grand Halloween vision. Go me! For a mere $2.42 I bought a little stuffed animal at Value Village on Sunday and I have just gutted the poor thing and turned it into a backpack. He’s going to be my accomplice on the 31st.

As for the rest of my costume, I’ve run out of materials. Hopefully a trip to a craft store will be on tomorrow’s schedule.


Oh, and I saw something interesting for sale yesterday. A little corset top made locally with an unusual method of fastening. Whoever had made it had just cut up a pair of skates and used the strip of lace holes for the corset lacing. It even still had the Bauer label attached. Very cute, but a shame it was quite poorly made.

Things what I got up to on Sunday. Yeah.

September 27, 2004

So yesterday I was back in my making things mood so I attacked the skirt I made last week that turned out so disappointingly huge. It’s not quite as neat as it was to start with as I had to do a horrid amount of unpicking and re-sewing, but it now fits:


You can’t really see from this picture but it has two pleats at the front, with little fake pockets and a flower button at the summit of each.

So that was one success. Many thanks go to Bill’s Mum for letting me have an extended loan of her sewing machine. We got it serviced and the tension seen to the other day and now it’s making nice neat seams and new clothes for me!


In the afternoon we then invaded Value Village (a huge thrift store) so I could find some cheap clothing components so I could begin compiling my grand Halloween costume.

Jumped right into being crafty when we got back home and have made good progress I think.

Bet you can’t guess what I’m going to be!

Things what I got up to on Saturday.

September 27, 2004

Had quite a productive and awake weekend really. Started each day off with a couple of cups of freshly brewed cappuccino and managed to keep going from there.

Bill and I decided to rearrange the front room on Saturday and upon doing so were faced with furniture scattered everywhere, books and junk strewn around and nothing fitting anywhere, especially the cumbersome TV. The room was doing its best to be unhelpful and both of us were getting quite grumpy and frustrated. (Not a good time to be getting IMs from Ashridge, sorry Melly!)

Then Bill had a brainwave:

watch out Interior Design Police alert!

He put the TV in the fireplace!

Now the front room is just great, lots of room to chase the dogs.

With the mess taken care of we then got cleaned up and went to meet up with some folks from VisaJourney. This could have been disastrous as I had no idea what to expect or who these people were. The girl who organised it had seemed very sweet and genuine though and for some reason when I’d read about the Atlanta meetup I’d wanted to make the effort. Maybe it was the fact that her hat seemed to have little kitty ears in her user photo!

Anyway, we showed up and it went really well. Only three couples were able to make it (including us) but we had an interesting international mix with the three Americans, Nigerian, Singaporean, and Briton. It was really nice to feel equal in the conversation for a change, as usually we’re among Bill’s friends and I can tend to feel like a spare wheel.

Coincidentally the Nigerian had been living in Germany prior to getting his K3 visa and the couple had been in the same situation as our friend Moji. He’s also keen to meet up with other Nigerians living in the States so we might well be able to tie up some ends there. Hopefully Justice will be able to explain the exact process to Moji and give her some good advice.

Had a very pleasant evening indeed and was quite sad when parted and Bill and I went back to the house to spend the rest of Saturday night in front of the TV.

Awwww! Another Brit in the world…

September 25, 2004

Nope, sorry, no baldheaded dribbling newborns here. Just a big congratulations to my sister-in-law, Melly, who, looking all resplendent, attended an official ceremony yesterday and is now a British subject. Three cheers for Melinda!

Pip ray Pip ray Pip ray!

This means an end to immigration issues for her side of the marriage. Now little bro gets to wait a year so he can become an Aussie and then both parties get to come and go freely between nations. Good show.

And speaking of Aussies, Bill and I were up late last night gripped by the Brisbane v Port Adelaide Australian Football grand final. I was rooting for the Brisbane Lions (roar!) while Bill was on the side of the Power. It was highly entertaining mayhem with the game continuing as players duked it out on the pitch, and the Lions coming back from behind to take the lead at half time. Unfortunately however, half-time came at 2am our time and we both conked out and crawled to bed so have no idea who won. A google search isn’t doing very well in providing me with the info either…bah humbug! I hope my team prevailed.

And speaking of fun violent sports…it’s very lame but it’s looking highly likely that their will be no ice hockey in the US this year. Due to some disagreement the owners have locked out the players and the dissent is at a dead lock. Though good news for Europe I believe as many of the players are returning to their home countries to sign up for teams there. Typical, just as we get cable TV too. Bah humbug.

Oh dammit. Port Adelaide 113 – Brisbane 73. Rats, got to put up with Bill’s gloating now. Grrrrr.


September 22, 2004

Hoorah! I’m rather excited. Bill has finally booked some time off work so we can go on holiday! We’re planning our long awaited honeymoon (only ten months too late!) to New York and are looking for flights around the 8th October. Not so long now!

The only slight concern is what to do with the dogs though. Sounds like Bill asked Mary if she would be happy to look after them while we’re gone, but while Quince is allowed and welcome, they have concerns about Genghis, Oh crap!! He’s such a good dog really, he just seems to have an issue with cats.

Bill’s already talking about shortening our trip or maybe having to make other plans. Noooo!!!

I’m sure we’ll come up with something, but at the moment I’m hoping this isn’t going to turn into another postponement. *fingerscrossed*

Still very excited.

A frittered morning?

September 22, 2004

Doh. Today Bill went to work leaving the back door open. Surprise surprise Genghis made his move and scarpered. Quince and I were out looking for him when the neighbours across the road waved me down as he’d appeared in their yard. Crazy dog. It’s quite amazing though, he managed to crawl beneath a metre and a half of mesh wire that Bill had put down to stop him, and then dug his way out underneath the fence. Slippery.

This weekend I spent Saturday beavering away making myself a cute skirt. I’d been trying it on along the way and was very happy. Until I finished, put it on to show Bill and it was suddenly inches too big for me. How on earth did that happen?! I’m baffled and very disappointed. I’ve made it almost too well so it’s going to be really tricky to adjust. Rats.

On Sunday we headed out to Home Depot Expo to get a feel for potential bathroom solutions. We were wandering around looking at all the tiles and other bathroom related products when we turned to each other and both admitted to being completely overwhelmed.

We did end up leaving having made a purchase though. We found a lone figurine of a monkey carrying a glass vase in a backpack. As it reminded us both of Jim we just had to buy it for him as a pressie! The next day we had to make a visit to the bar because if monkey had stayed in our house any longer Bill’d have been keeping it. Iron Monkey!

Had lunch at a British style pub today, enjoyed very welcome pub grub of chicken and chips and a bitter shandy. Best of all they even provided malt vinegar with the meal. Mmm.

Meant to spend the morning cleaning up the house. Woke up with very good intentions but after wasting time dog hunting I then succumbed to phoning home. With the time difference I feel justified as else everyone is bed when I get home from BrightHouse. I nattered away to Mel and Simon who arrived back in Tavy yesterday, heard all about Molly’s antics from Daddy and had a brief word with Mum who I caught as she was dashing home for a quick supper before having to run back to school again. That was good. I love being able to call home like this.

Then I gave Nicky a call and ended up rambling on at her for ages too until I was interrupted by an Instant Message from Bill saying he was on his way home. Oops. So much for those good intentions. Ended up having to dash onto the shower and throw on some clothes (I was wearing dog hunting gear!) before he walked in through the door. Just about managed it.

Very much enjoyed catching up the Sprout and talking rubbish to her. Was a very bouncy Kay when Bill arrived home. I do hope that sort of made up for the chaos surrounding me.

Drat I spoke too soon

September 18, 2004

Uploaded my entry, settled back on the sofa with the dogs to watch a little telly and kaboom! Power cut. Wonderful.

Thank goodness for Ed again. Bill and I snuggled up in bed with him and a DVD. We watched this film called Spartan which Bill thought was good, and I thought was a bit wooden and only so so.

A call from Cara in the morning indicated that BrightHouse was without power too, but no sooner had Bill taken the doggies out for walkies than she phoned back to say all was well and to come in to work.

Dragged myself out of bed and got dressed in the dark and off we went. I had a couple of illustrations to do too so I was earning as well yesterday. Hoorah!

Was very proud of myself last night too. I pulled out a pseudo kilt skirt I bought online last year while I was still totally confused about American sizing. As a result it was somewhat huge. But not anymore! It’s now totally adjusted and wearable. I also decided I didn’t like the metal buttons it had down the front so replaced those with six little red felt flowers and some beads. Cute!

Oh, and an announcement for Daddykins. being both a Radio 4 Bore and a Douglas Adams fan he is probably already well aware, but…

Tuesday 21st September is not only the day Sy and Mel make a return visit to the UK, but more importantly it also sees The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy return to Radio 4 at 6.30pm. It’s a brand new series starring some of the original radio cast. Excited? You should be. I just don’t know how they are going to top, or even match, the inspiring theme tune from the previous series.

Doo dooo diddliddle doodoo, doo dooo diddle doo

Don’t forget your towel.

Who invited Ivan over for tea?

September 16, 2004

Packed up and left work early this afternoon as (ex) Hurricane Ivan whirled into town causing devastation. The road the office is on was already flooding as we tried to make our way home and traffic was jammed all over the place as several traffic lights were out of action.

Deep swathes of flood waters had to be crossed several times and a couple of times the way was impassable and a new path had to be found in order to get home safely. We came across one poor driver stuck in a submerged car futilely flashing his headlights from the middle of a deep trough of foaming chocolate water.

Also along Lowery a huge great beast of a tree had come crashing down across the road practically blocking the way home. A deep breath for the truck and a tight squeeze and we made it past that obstacle, leaving it behind for the drenched policemen manning the scene to deal with.

A clogged interstate with the wind and rain drumming on the truck, and us witihin, peering out, ever vigilant for more emerging oceans to cross, led us back over to East Atlanta. At times the truck seemed more like a boat as we cut a wake through what was once the highway.

We were almost home when we faced another detour as the crossroads to get onto our street was a raging torrent of flood water which we were very doubtful about attempting to traverse. Bill swung the truck around in the opposite direction and we circled around the neighbourhood to approach from the other side of the street.

Of course, just our luck. We turned into Braeburn and were confronted with another fallen tree arched across the street. Thankfully this one was a mere child in tree terms and we were able to inch past it’s narrow limbs and continue onwards to our little cottage amongst the woods, a little nervous as to the state of all the trees surrounding it.

We were very relieved to turn the final corner and see our nest intact. That is until Bill pulled up onto the drive and discovered a huge branch had fallen loose while we were out and was lying right where we park the truck. Yikes. Glad we weren’t about then.

Happily we still have power at the moment and the dogs are just fine. Genghis always gets a little upset in storms but there’s no thunder and lightning tonight so he’s not too freaked at the moment. I’ve just got to try to persuade them to venture out into the weather cauldron to pee now. They’re protesting and not having any of that!

Star Bar and tiredness

September 14, 2004

Drat! I keep forgetting to tell my friend Rick about a poster I saw the other day while we were out and about in Atlanta. Trees Atlanta are having its 5th annual tree sale in Piedmont Park on October 9th and when I saw the advert I just thought of Rick and his lovely garden. Though, not quite sure where he’d find room for another tree, but the sentiment is certainly up his street. I think Bill and I have enough trees around our little house for the moment too, sorry Trees Atlanta!

*yawn* Just got back from a great night at the StarBar, We got there nice and early so we were able to have some interesting conversations with Jim and he gave me some pumpkin carving tips. I may be the Pumpkin King, but he is a Pumpkin Genius/Wizard/God. Take your pick, the man is awesome. I now plot and can but hope futilely to hold onto my crown this year. Bill is strong competition and I fear him. Sushhhh!.

I also got to wear my nice new clothes I bought on Sunday when I dragged poor Bill to Lenox Mall. I LURVE my new skirt and will find it very hard not to wear daily from now on! Feeling sad that I didn’t go ahead and buy the cute blazer jacket from Urban Outfitter’s too, but maybe it’s a good thing that a)I don’t have a job and can’t afford such things and b)have a bloody annoying financial conscience that kicks in at such moments. Rats. It was so lovely too *strokes the jacket* It’s not often that I see something I like in a shop and fall in love with it like this. I can only hope it makes it to the sales rail!! And yes, I still regret not buying those fab Magic shoe platforms I spotted in Schuh in Manchester that time..the wetsuit fabric ones with the stars,*sigh*
Bah Humbug to being sensible!!

And now I must climb into bed, put down the alkyhol appetite snacks and stop waffling like the drunken voddy soaked fool I am. Muah. Goodnight for some, and a nice bright and early good morning for others!