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March 30, 2004

hee New Model Army are playing the StarBar on April 30th!!


Dog holiday

March 29, 2004

Quincy went on holiday this weekend. We took him up to Alpharetta with us and left him with Hank and his cousins so that he could go along with them when they went hiking. Quince loves visiting his cousins and never wants to come home again.

Meanwhile on the other doggy front Genghis is doing well, though we had a little accident in the bathroom today as he felt the need to lay an egg or two. Nice.

He’s doing well after his Heartworm treatment a week ago and is surprisingly full of beans. It’s very hard to keep him quiet and crated because he just wants to run around and play. We feel very mean. He gets to go back to the vets on Thursday for a check up, then another bout of treatment is scheduled for the end of April. Poor pooch.


March 29, 2004

Had my belated birthday treat on Friday night when we went to see the Thrashers play the New Jersey Devils. Eight of us went and I had a great time. Atlanta were unfortunately piss poor and the Devils beat them 5-0. Rubbish!

Saw lots of slamming and fights though. At one point it seemed like half the Atlanta team were in the penalty box together.

I was a little disappointed that it seems that being clean shaven is fashionable amongst hockey players at the moment, not a single rough viking male amongst them.

I have come to the conclusion that Americans do not go to matches to watch the game. They go to sit in the wrong seats and cause chaos, to mill around and stand in the way of those who are watching the game, and of course to pay stupid prices for a can of beer.

Hockey is great!

Afterwards Bill, Trish and I decided to have a bevvy or two at The Earl before we had to head home as we had to rise bright and early in the morning.


March 29, 2004

After about 16 years of having long hair I decided to take drastic measures and chop it all off. On Saturday a very nervous Kay was driven up to Alpharetta, to the salon I went to for the wedding, and snickety snip went the scissors. Eeek!

I’m rather fed up of having to deal with root regrowth so I asked to have my hair coloured to minimise this. I also wanted strips of plum streaked in, but the stylist wouldn’t do this because she thought putting it on top of blonde would make it a funny colour. Booo!

Wasn’t expecting to get it cut quite so short as I still wanted to be able to put it up in bunches but it’s rather cute. These photos show my hair having come straight from the hairdresser so it’s a little too sleek and smooth for my liking here, as I have no hairdying/styling skills when I wash my hair it turns out much more choppy which is much more Kay-like anyway.

Having so little hair, and it being such a dull colour is very odd. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

Wonder how long it’ll be before I reach for the dye pot again?

I have a section of the hair that was cut off that I was going to send to my parents along with a ransom note, but I don’t think it’ll get there before their flight to Atlanta leaves. Instead I shall content myself with staying quiet and hopefully freaking them out at the airport! hee hee! (hence this post is friends only…shhh!! *edit – changed security now Mum and Dad have visited*)

March 23, 2004

Going to go and fetch Genghis from the vet in half an hour, I do hope he’s okay.

Last night Bill and I went to karaoke night at the StarBar. Supped a Shiner Bock while watching StarGate, listened to Joel’s disturbing tales of fancying the pants off Colonel Wilma Deering and then had an amusing time watching Jim flog these godawful fluorescent green revolting vodka undisclosed alcohol jelly shots. They were called “Horny Leprechauns” and he’d forgotten to put them out for St Patrick’s Day. Somehow he managed to shift a whole ton of them to unsuspecting punters for a dollar each, amazing.

Oh crap, (literally) I thought I’d blanked it out but visions of the doggy do calendar just came flooding back to me.

Genghis update

March 22, 2004

While we were at lunch the vet left a message on the answer phone. She’s done her initial analysis and his heartworm problem is more advanced than they thought. Crap! They’ve decided they need to treat him in a couple of stages instead of the one so he’s getting his first injection today, stopping in for observation overnight and we can pick him up tomorrow. Then after 30 days he’ll get another injection and repeat the process. Other than that he is apparently doing well.

5.34pm called the vets. Genghis is still hanging in there. He’s had his first injection and is very groggy as they had to sedate him.


March 22, 2004

Yesterday was spent all systems go in the back yard erecting the fence to stop the dogs from making a break for freedom, which is exactly what Genghis did Sunday morning. Bill had opened the doggy door for Quince while Genghis was tied up in the garden, but forgot to close it again once Genghis was back instead. Big mistake. Genghis saw opportunity and took it. He sauntered past a surprised Bill, disappeared out of the bottom of the garden and pegged it up the road, Bill in hot pursuit. We both grabbed some dog treats and tried to entice him back into our clutches with those. Genghis wasn’t having any of that though. He had other plans and ran off past the cemetery. I doubled back in the hope of cutting him off one way while Bill dashed through the graveyard to try to block his passage to the right. At this point I lost both hubby and dog and decided to scour the neighbourhood in the truck looking for signs of them.

Time passed with me going driving around in circles trying to spy either Gingha or Bill with no luck. At least one whole worrying hour went by before I had contact with Bill again. Thankfully he managed to recapture Gingha but Genghis had led him a merry chase and Bill had had to track him for at least two and a half miles as Genghis shot out of our neighbourhood and into the next. Apparently at one point Gingha had found a couple of dogs and was sniffing them, Bill tried to get close enough to grab our ginger escapee and one of the strange dogs turned on Bill. Genghis then launched a full on attack defending Bill, whipped the other dogs arse, before evading capture and pelting off down the road again.

Genghis is one sneaky canine. Bill and I were both having visions of what on earth to tell the vets this morning if we hadn’t managed to recapture him. Bill, however, eventually managed to rugby tackle Genghis to the floor and get him back on the lead, at which point he happily trotted back to the house at Bill’s side. Mangy dog.

So, after that little escapade we made damned sure that the back yard is now totally enclosed. I’m sure Ginger will try but hopefully there is no getting out now.

my boys

I really hope Genghis is doing okay today. Fingers crossed for him please, he’s going to have a horrid couple of days and a rough month as he’s staying with the vets today and tomorrow being treated for his Heartworm. It’s a pretty nasty treatment and he’s going to hate us. Kati brought Quince’s old crate back yesterday because when we get him back that’s likely to be his home for the next few weeks. You see, he has to stay quiet and sedentary when he returns because all the heartworm will be either dead, dying or decomposing and they need to leave his body slowly without clogging things up. If he gets too excited it’s possible for the remains to cause a blockage in his heart or lungs and he could either have a heart attack or drown in heartworms. Definitely don’t want that to happen. Poor thing.

It’s such a shame, especially because we’d just discovered he has a weakness for tug ropes and squeaky toys. I was taking off a pair of over the knee socks the other night and the usually restrained Genghis grabbed one from me and raced off happily. We didn’t want to encourage that so dug out Quince’s discarded tug rope and gave that to him instead. Genghis went mental. Loves to play. And what’s more, he even got Quince interested and eager to join in. It’s amazing. They now play together so well and Quince is getting on great with his new brother. They even sit together and gnaw on their bones without fighting. This next month is going to be tough on them both I think.


March 22, 2004

Got my test results back from the Doc’s on Friday too. Hoorah!! I tested immune to Mumps, Measles and Rubella which means that I don’t have an MMR jab to fulfill the immigration Adjustment of Status requirements! Phew! Wasn’t happy about that prospect at all.

My results did however show that apparently I am a touch anaemic and I have been ordered to take iron supplements and get retested in six weeks. Bah humbug.

Kernow Bys Vyken!

March 22, 2004


Being from Devon and awfully close to Cornwall, I adore proper pasties. Miss them very much I do. Don’t get none of them tasty oggies ’round these ‘ere parts.

There is an Aussie Bakery in East Atlanta Village that does a passable attempt at a Veggie Pasty, but it’s just not quite right and I’ve had an awful craving for some decent West Country fare.

So what’s a maid to do?

Make my own, that’s what!

I had to stay at home and look after the dogs on Friday morning so I decided to attempt to make myself some cheese oggies, and very proud of myself I am. Okay, I suppose they aren’t original Cornish Pasties unless they are the beef variety but they were pretty darned good.

Go me!

Gav dhymm, res yw dhymm mos lemmyn. Dha weles skon!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

March 22, 2004

Turned 28 and had a good birthday on Saturday, a big thank you to everyone who sent me LJ birthday greetings.

I was woken up by calls from England as both my parents and Nicky phoned to wish me well. Hoorah! I got to speak to my Aunt Jenny too as there was a family gathering going on back home in honour of Sy and Mel’s imminent departure to Australian shores. Was probably very sleepy on the phone, sorry, but was very good to hear and talk to everybody. Later that morning I also got a call from Pengie, yippee!

Sy told me that Molly is a fat lump. Her dog food is stored in a large bread bin and Dad had this container on the counter top. Sy came into the kitchen that morning to find that the shelf had collapsed under the weight, the kibble had split all over the floor and was fast entering Mowgli’s increasingly taut tummy. Greedy pup.

Bill was wonderful and made me pancakes for breakfast which I insisted on eating in bed, joined by Genghis and Quince, while I opened my present from Mum and Dad. Was very happy to find that despite the labelling on the customs form, it wasn’t underwear after all but rather a nice two piece swimming cossie. Thanks!

Once extracted from my duvet we then attempted to erect the fence in the back yard, but neither of us were in the mood for this really and so quickly gave up and decided to go to Lenox Mall to visit the Apple store as I am considering purchasing a Mac Laptops with some of my inheritance from Nanna and Grandad. Drooled over the 15″ Powerbooks but I think the 12″ is probably more in my price range.

Dropped by Gallyans so that Bill could buy himself a secret weapon for the forthcoming BrightHouse Ping Pong Tournament. He is now the proud owner of a spiffing table tennis bat which will defeat all opposition and no doubt never lose him a single point again. *nods* He has a big grin on his face now.

Browsed through Junkman’s Daughter in Little Five Points when we detoured on the way home before running to Publix where Bill bought cake ingredients.

Back at the house Bill then baked me a birthday cake!! Whoo hoo!

Topped the day off with a visit to the Thai restaurant in East Atlanta where we enjoyed some fabulous sushi (veggie lovers for me) then returned home for desert.

Very tasty indeed. Thanks babe.

Still waiting for my birthday present from Bill as it has yet to be delivered. Quite excited about that, have no idea what I’m getting. And then on Friday 26th I get my birthday treat…I get to go watch an ice hockey game. Atlanta Thrashers vs the New Jersey Devils. Hoorah! Want to see beardy blokes hit each other with big sticks on ice. *bounces*