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US Embassy

September 29, 2003

Quick update while I sit here copying all the vital documents I’ll be needing for the trip to London tomorrow. Bill’s here and we are off to catch a train in the morning ready for the Embassy interview on Wednesday.

Just hit a bit of a panic as I’ve realised that due to a change of plans unless I think of something quickly my car will be sat in an overnight carpark with an invalid tax disc for the whole of Wednesday. Arse. Not what I need right now. Going to have to sort that out somehow tomorrow. Pants. Doubly annoying seeing as I’ll be leaving the country on Sunday too.

Okay, got to press on. Getting all nervous about this interview and medical now. Need hugs.

a real find

September 25, 2003

Still got a box of stuff I’m sorting through that has come down from the attic. Alongside my driving test appointment notification card, old Rotring pens that are long broken and name badge from when I worked at Somerfields I just found a set of Guns N’Roses, London Boys and Neighbours phase Kylie skin transfer stickers!!


Crossing the Atlantic

September 25, 2003

When I was last in Atlanta with Bill we had fortune cookies, this was his fortune. Yay!

He flys out of Hartsfield this evening and I’ll be there to meet him at Gatwick tomorrow morning. Very excited now indeed. Hoorah!

Really should get out of my jimmy jams and work out what I’ve got left to do before he gets here.

Girl’s Night Out

September 25, 2003

aka Hen Night

Well the girls did me proud last night. Spent the afternoon in the bathroom bleaching and re-pinking my hair (didn’t make a great job of it – arse!), and soaking in the tub. Tarted up with Mel in her room and delved merrily into her chemist shop of perfumes and makeup. Panicked when I didn’t have anything to wear but once again super sister-in-law came to the rescue and lent me a fabulous top. Felt much better then, didn’t want to be all dowdy on my own Hen Night.

Nicky and Lynsey then arrived and it became apparent that all had formed a pact to have their hair in pigtails and wear something pink. Mel created an asymetric pink hair explosion from one of her bunches, and Mum emerged from her bedroom with a cute little spray of pink hair clipped into hers hair.

Was presented with my obligatory set of “L” plates.

The entire evening was a mystery to me, had no idea what was about to happen. All the way into Plymouth the girls kept talking about where we were going to go for our meal…

“we’ve got a table at that dive on Union Street, the steak house with the bits of old dog in the back yard and where all the neighbours cats go missing”

“mum, mum, no it’s the next turn for the McDonalds DriveThru”

“oh well, missed it, we’ll have fish and chips on the Barbican instead”

“oooh the Barbican,…let’s go Cap’n Jaspers!!!!”

“but I booked us a table at that Steak House?! I know Kay loves a nice juicy slab of meat”

“but Bill’s not coming until Friday!”

“mmmmm, can’t wait for my spicy spuds, that’s just down Union Street Mum.”

Had no idea what I was in for. Was rather concerned when we did pull up right next to a chippie, and then bemused when I was taken to the apparently deserted waterfront and then down a dingy dark flight of stairs on the harbour. Was very surprised to find a rather amazing Chinese restaurant sat at the bottom of the steps, lanterns aglow and bustling with custom. Wow!!! Thanks girls!

The meal was fantastic. Only marred for both Mum and Mel when they attempted to eat the pretty edible basket that the seaweed came presented in. Bad move. It wasn’t edible at all, despite being told it was made from pancake it was apparently disgusting and highly nauseous, very chemical tasting. Mum took a nice big mouthful and had to run to the loo.

The food was great. I had a fabulous dish of fried noodles and braised slice of duck with ginger and pineapple. Mmmm mmmm. Totally threw Mel on that one, she thought I was joking when I chose it. Mmmm tasty little bird.

And speaking of birds, when the wine came out and was downed Mel entertained with her blushes and repetition of a dirty joke apparently one told to her by my wonderful lovely father who surely would never come out with such things.

[dirty joke]

Have you had a parrot on your right shoulder?

Have you had a parrot on your left shoulder?

Open your mouth *peers inside*

punchline hiding behind here

Police Desk

September 19, 2003

brought to you for Sam’s nostalgic pleasure and amusement:

Tavistock Times September 11th 2003

Police are stepping up patrols in the area of Tavistock Viaduct, Quants Park and Viaduct Walk following continuing reports of youths drinking and causing vandalism.

Damage was caused to the windscreen of a vehicle in Milton Crescent, Tavistock in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A window was smashed at an industrial premises in Pixon Lane, Tavistock during the late evening of September 4.

Police are concerned about incidents of vandalism in Battery Lane, Tavistock, which have provoked many calls from residents living in that area.

Finally, residents are requested to be on guard and remain vigilant following local reports of a group of rough looking types cursing and drinking in public. The ruffians are distinguished by their gold hoop earrings, tricorn hats and silk jerkins. They recently attempted to pass Spanish gold to the local publican as currency. Please report any incidents to the Police Desk and do not approach directly as the latest sightings indicate that the accompanying parrot is quite foul mouthed and offensive.

Ahoy! and a fine dayt’you all.

September 19, 2003

Not startin’ off too well for me today because a tript’t’emergency dentist be in store. Molly got a little too excited and buckoly last night when I was havin’ a cuppa, jumped upt’say Ahoy! and smashed t’mug into me teeth. Result – I lost t’temporary coverin’s over me aft tooth that’s been prepped for a crown. Ouchie.

Not got t’old battle ship this mornin’, got requisitioned by me fine shipmate Daddy for t’day so I’ll havet’walk downt’Tavistock in a bit. Hopefully Dad’ll be aft from work by t’time I’ve finished and I’ll be ablet’blag a lift aft.

Also needt’work some culinery magic in t’kitchen later.

Feelin’ much more cheerful at t’moment than I have been. Mainly duet’one little sentence…”See you next week Bill!” Aye! That’s starboard, exactly 7 days and he’ll be within half an houro’landin’ in Blighty and no doubt I’ll be runnin’ around like a headless bilgerat tryin’t’figure out t’car parkin’ at Gatwick. Bill will be here next week. Damn that sounds good.

T’arrivalo’Bill also marks me last 9 days in t’UK before emmigration. If all goes well at t’Embassy on t’1st then I’ll be tearfully wavin’ bye byet’Britain t’followin’ Sunday. I keep fluctuatin’ between excitement, happiness, sorrow, joy, fear and panic. Been quite a jibby few weeks fer me.


paint splattered and icky

September 18, 2003

Think I might have got somewhere with the bathroom today, though at the expense of not walking the dog. Was hoping I’d have time to take her to the top of Pew Tor or something today but I got a bit caught up on the redecoration.

Gave the walls a coat of that horrible lumpy gritty paint that is great for tearing skin off knuckles and then spent the rest of the day doing a clean up job. That stuff gets everywhere! Bathroom is now spotless but I wish I could say the same about me. Wondering if I can risk having a shower or not?!

Oh and while I was up to my elbows in this icky paint the phone rang and I do believe I might have sold my aquarium! My ad must have finally made it into the Tavistock Times. Got a lady coming around sometime after 7 to collect. Talked me down to £25 without even seeing it but if she does take it at least that’s one less cluttered corner of the hallway and another boost to my visa fund. Hoorah!

Making the most of Devon and the sun

September 17, 2003

Fabulous day again today so I decided to take Molly out for a long walk on the Moors. We drove across to Pennycomequick and had lots of fun walking along the river there. I put my old bikini on and we waded up through the stream together. Had a good game of fetch in a sun soaked glade. It’s amazing how much Molly loves the water now, when she was first introduced she was not convinced at all, now she plummets head first into pools with no fear.

We then decided to drive on up to Pork Hill to see if the ice cream man was there. He was, so I gobbled down a cornet (it melted rapidly, had to devour it quickly) and let Molly run around some more.

Had an embaressing moment when I was very aware that we had to walk past a Dartmoor pony, so I put Mowgli on the lead and was concentrating on getting her past the horse. Didn’t notice that she wasn’t interested in the pony at all, something else had caught her eye. She took off in the other direction pulling me after her and clambered into a nearby car. The old lady sat in the passenger’s seat enjoying a tranquil afternoon and appreciating the wonderful view was most surprised when Molly landed in her lap. Gah! *blush* Apologised profusely. Luckily she had dogs in the back of her car too so she didn’t mind too much.

Avast ye scurvy bilge rats an’ prepare to be boarded…

September 17, 2003

that be the Jolly Roger a flutterin’ on the horizon.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19th.


September 16, 2003

Sat waiting hoping Vile might show up. He promised to phone me this evening at 5 o’clock and hasn’t. I know he’s tired and has been working silly hours lately but this sucks. Fed up.