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And to cap a crap day off:

March 27, 2003

Went to the BCIS website to check the status of the petition and lo and behold:

Application Type: I129F, PETITION FOR FIANCE(E)

Current Status:

Your I129F PETITION FOR FIANCE(E) was received on February 28, 2003. We mailed you a receipt with information about processing. It is taking between 150 and 180 days for us to process this kind of case. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete.


The processing time has just leapt up from 60-90 days to 150-180! Added to this, since the beginning of March a new segment has been added to the Visa timeline as all approved petitions have to be sent to the NVC (National Visa Centre) to be forwarded to the appropiate US Embassy abroad, which adds another approx 2-3 weeks onto the schedule.

Aaaargh. Bye bye August wedding. 😦
Can’t go over and visit Bill either til I get approval. This sucks.


Protected: Privacy

March 27, 2003

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silent running

March 27, 2003

Ooops, turned my mobile to silent mode at the dentist yesterday and forgot about it again… 6 missed calls and a text message later!

Typical, no one ever phones me unless I turn my phone’s ringer off. Gah.

Bad Bill

March 27, 2003


vilehelm : Need to clean the kitchen
vilehelm : I think anthrax is growing in there
pinkaboo_uk : zap me some IMs when you get back, then I get all boingy in the morning
vilehelm : okie
vilehelm : I’ll tell you of my kitchen exploits

pinkaboo_uk : heh, don’t forget to name that previously undiscovered strain of virulent bacteria after me
vilehelm : I shall!
vilehelm : EKayLi
pinkaboo_uk : heh

*stomps off to the shower growling (not boingy)*


March 26, 2003

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Gah, no wonder I’m so vicious, I’m so not in a good mood. Nothing seems to be going great at the moment.

First of all, early this week I was totally narked because I found out that as of March 21st the US Embassy in London has stopped opening provisional for VISA applicants. Gah, I had my forms all ready to send off on the 19th then got stalled when I realised I shouldn’t have attached an ADIT photo to the form and had to pull it off again creating a little messy area, which I’m sure would have been fine, but oh no, Kay perfectionist comes out and decides to download and fill out a fresh form to make it look better. ‘Course it’s then that my parent’s printer chooses to run out of ink, and as I don’t have one of my own anymore *hurumph* I’m stuck waiting to get a refill. Why didn’t I just post the damn thing when I had it ready?

Found a really good and potentially useful forum online: INS Forums which is great. Except, sure, all this reading up on procedure is greatly informative, but it’s so staggeringly depressing. Reading about the hideous lengths of time other couples have had to endure apart before Visas were finally granted is doing my head in.

I still really hate Texas, who seem to have done a batch approval of petitions belonging to some people who protested there last month, but very little since. TSC still appear to be working on petitions filed back in October. *sighs*

Didn’t get the receptionist post I went for, or even an interview for Dartmoor Photographic. *growls* Shitty jobs, but I need one!

My long awaited visit to the dentist finally happened today too. UGH. Had a check up, many xrays taken, listened to the mutterings of the dentist going on above my head, and the totting up of the cost of the treatment I need. I didn’t actually get a quote for the seemingly huge list of tortures I will have to endure but it must be lots as the NHS have capped the maximum cost of any treatment you are allowed to undertake at £350, and if you need anything above this amount your dentist needs to apply to get the treatment approved. Needless to say, I will need to be approved. Eeeek. This should take 2-3 weeks, and until he hears from the NHS no routine work can be undertaken. Emergency only. Felt like bursting into tears in the waiting room as I waited for my xrays to be ready.

Made an appointment to return on Friday for the bit of emergency work my dentist can do for me and went home. Had enough. Vile cheered me up as I drank a coffee and pulled myself together to go over to the cottages.

Had just climbed into my skanky clothes when the phone rang and the dental receptionist on the other end invited me back down to the surgery as they had had a cancelled appointment. Oh joy. Still, less time to fret about forthcoming dental procedures.

Root canal treatment was duly performed. Dad probed me about this afterwards but I absolutely have no idea what my dentist did or the instruments he used because I had my eyes firmly squeezed closed at all times. Not a happy bunny. Have to go back again on Friday to be checked over, with the possibility of work on the next tooth over as well. *wails* Need to have caps fitting to those two teeth as well, but I guess that’s something that come under the NHS approval bit.

Gold was also mentioned and a possibility in the future of one of my other teeth. Dentist recommended having a gold crown fitted to give the cusp protection (or something). Oh hell. Ick to gold! 😦

Felt quite spinny when I came out of the clinic so went and pestered Mel in the pharmacy for a while ’til I felt up to driving home.

Teeth hurt.

Managed to forget about it all for a while at Taekwon Do though. Now, I’m all tired and my legs are sore. Ouchie.

Hee, almost forgot, one conversation I overheard at the dentist did make me smile. There was a lady discussing her surname with the receptionist. “Oh noo,” she said “There’s not many with my surname down this part of the world, but over in Okehampton there be loads of us!” (Okehampton being a mere 15 miles away) *shakes head* .o0(local)

Internet Access

March 24, 2003

Aaargh! I’ve just gone over my ISP’s designated time online by two hours. No more access from my bedroom til next month!



(Tavistock has finally got BT to listen and hopefully will be connected in May, not soon enough!!)

Bubbles and Steam and Doggies and Jackass

March 24, 2003

Whoo! Woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, dialled up and (yay!) encountered a tired Vilehelm. Mmmm. Happy now, missed him all day, but Quincy must be a happy doggy now because he’d been hard at work installing a doggy door. Woof.

The reason I woke up requiring huge quantities of water? Possibly due to the fact I went out with Sy and Mel to Jack Cham’s where Jackass, The Movie was being shown on a tv screen. It’s still insanely great the second time around. Though I do wish you had got to see Steve-O’s off road tattoo days later to get a proper look, and the dinky toy up the a***e is still very disturbing.

Jackass and Stella was then followed by a meal at The Cornish with Charlie and her bloke too. (Sorry Nicky, when I got home I found mum and dad had already eaten, and I couldn’t refuse Mel and Sy’s temptations.)

Then back next door for after-dinner cocktails, well Melly and I anyway. She didn’t need much persuading. Wheee.

Course, we then couldn’t get a taxi home (grrr to Tavistock) and had to stumble home across the moors. Fun fun fun.

Prior to drunkeness and foodage I had spent a very nice and sedate afternoon at the farm too. Kicked a ball (or what was left of a ball) around the yard for a bit with the proper dogs, saw the puppies and lambs huddled by the aga in the kitchen, then went over to Sherrill for some splishing about. Usual swimming, bobbing (and gossiping) about in the jacuzzi and boiling in the steam room occurred. Yay! Attacked Nicky with a football. Hee hee.

Had a really fab afternoon, and although the poolhouse is covered there’s huge windows at one end overlooking the countryside, so I got to see the sun sparkling on the superb landscape too. Yay!

Now sat drinking real coffee (NOT DECAFF!) from my cute lil cafetiere Nicky gave me for my birthday. *buzzzzz*

March 23, 2003

Sat waiting for my baked potato to, well, bake. Can’t actually get to it though because I’ve just mopped the kitchen floor. Doh.

It’s a beautiful day. Mum and Dad have gone off to the coast, Sy and Mel are off somewhere too, so I’m at the house on my own. Want to go do something but can’t think what. Bill, can’t you send Quince over? Want to take him to the beach.

Thursday – Birthday Meal
Whoo! Things picked up once I managed to get in and back from Plymouth without having to drive for once. Thanks to Dad and Sy and Mel for the lifts.

Met up with Greg and Gem, Nicky and Matt and went to the Gog and Magog up on the Barbican for some food and drinks. Was already pretty stuffed by the time I got there thanks to Mel making me gorge on birthday cake and strawberries before I left. YAY! I got a cake!!

Received some really great presents from everyone, including a splendid bottle of Mandarin Absolut, a Hello Kitty bag, a pink cafetiere and a pink mouse with swimming pink plastic pig encased inside for my PC. Also got some magic rocks (sorry, crystals!) from Gem and Greg, which was extremely thoughful of her. 🙂

Nicky tricked me and forced me to drink practically 2 pints of fairly bleargh green swampy cocktail (Monster Reef) and so I got somewhat tipsy.

Conversations went around in circles, Matt decided it was immensely witty to write “sniff me” on the pepper sachets and Greg doodled penis’ on the women on some leaflets. He also drew a portrait of Gemma which bore a remarkable resemblance to Hitler.

Quote of the night:
“The men in here are getting uglier still. It’s beginning to hurt my eyes”

TKD pattern seminar
Was late because it took me forever driving around in circles trying to find Derriford Leisure Centre. Nightmare. No signs, no directions. Almost gave me and came home then discovered it hidden right at the back of the hospital complex.

Then I had trouble parking, had to park in the staff carpark which was a farce. It was swipe card operated so there was a guy stood at the barriers trying to trick the system by letting one car in the entrance, then the next car in the exit.

Finally made it to the seminar and thankfully it hadn’t actually started. Loads of people were there. Plymouth TKD folk look a bit scary though, all the women seem to have this weird hair that is short but looks like it wants to break free and become a mullet. Yikes.

Session was tiring, kinda mentally challenging, but fun. Enjoyed it.

Came home and meant to get on with showering, cleaning the kitchen and Flash stuff, instead I went to check my email and fell dead asleep for several hours. Apparently both Mum and Melly came shouting into my room looking for me and I was totally oblivious. Oops.

Birthday Meal #2
Chinese with my folks set to the theme music of Shaft. Yummy. Would have been nice to go somewhere and get out of the house for a while, getting cabin fever, but ended up having a nice takeaway meal and some beers at home instead. We intended to go down the pub afterwards, but that kinda got pushed out of the schedule. Oops.

Phoned Bill last night too. Had a nice long chat with him which made me very bouncy. Yay!

And I’ve just realised that after TKD yesterday I’d left my mobile set to silent. DAMN!! Missed calls! Aargh! Right, off to try phone Nicky back!

Bye bye hard work.

March 20, 2003

Dammit, I was just happily flashing and I got carried away and kicked my pooter turning it off by mistake. Doh!

Hmm, also, trying to think of a new domain name cos this evening Bill’s gonna buy me one for my birthday. ( is gonna be a bit weird when I’m hitched and I wanted a less egocentric one anyway). Too hard. Can’t decide. Hmpff.

A day at the seaside

March 20, 2003

Last Sunday saw Simon take Mel out for a driving lesson, with me accompanying them. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went to the beach. Yay!

Drove up to Widemouth Bay and had a little picnic while watching dogs frolic and dig in the sand. Wish Bill could have been there.

Mel and Sy play with their video camera

Melly gets overexcited by the sea air

my brother and I

OK OK, it was sunny, but this IS England so it was still freezing cold!

Went on to Bude afterwards but got there too late and all the shops were shut. Drove around and around in circles trying to find the way back out of the town, must have done a tour of all the carparks before we found our way. Mel got quite concerned that this was on purpose and that Sy was actually looking for doggers. Eeeew!

Watched some really bad skaters at a skate park in one of the carparks. They were abysmal.

Then we drove back home again, somewhat faster than the outward journey as Sy took to the wheel. Eeeps.

Devon and Cornwall looked really beautiful. I really wish Bill had been able to see more of the area when he visited, it was always so foggy, wet and grey over Christmas. Made me wish I was going to Atlanta straight from Manchester, that would be no problem. It’s going to be tough leaving the West Country behind, even if it is so friggin’ chilly all the time.