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January 30, 2003


Lots I should be doing but I can’t concentrate. Just keep mindlessly surfing.


Engagement pressies from mum and dad

January 30, 2003

Another scanned engagement card for Bill’s benefit:

Just as they were going to bed last night mum and dad came into my bedroom while I was chatting with Bill. They totally surprised me by giving us a couple of engagement presents all wrapped up in shiny silver holographic paper and finished with a gold bow. Awwww. I was allowed to open one, and did so on cam. Though I think Bill was somewhat more involved with playing with his torch!

We got a couple of oval silver plated brass photo frames, one each. Mum explained that we could have one on each side of the Atlantic and then when we are together they can sit side by side. Awwww! (I think I’m going to be sick! *smiley*)

Thanks mum and dad! Wasn’t expecting anything at all and that was just great.

January 30, 2003

YAY! Got my birth certificate in the post this morning. It’s quite groovy. Felt quite odd looking at the full version which has mum and dad and my first address listed on it. Feel old now too.

Nicky phoned up for a chat last night and I felt awful but I had to say I’d ring her back, then I never did. I was going through Visa stuff with dad, had Bill online and was frantically pulling stuff together for the application for a police check. Was hunting around to try and remember addresses from 7 years ago and copying off my ID documents. It was annoying, haven’t really got around to having a girly chat with her yet, enjoyed each others company, yes, but not really talked much. Hell, I suck at that anyway.

Haven’t even got around to going through last night’s job pages yet. Was hoping to be able to pop over to the farm later but I have a whole heap of stuff to sort out here first, and I’m rather low on petrol again, aargh.

Return coach fare to Manchester got booked yesterday too, now I just need to get travel insurance and borrow a half decent suitcase (with wheels!!) and I should be all set.

Had a nice chat with Bill online last night. I’m so glad we know when we are going to see each other again. Before, I guess I was beginning to try to hibernate any feelings because it was too hard, but now I am all super excited and can’t wait to see him again. Mmmmmm. It’s a long journey but it’ll be so worth it. The lighting was good at Bill’s end for once too and I got a very nice crisp, clear cam picture which made me equally frustrated and happy. Yay! 10 days until I get nice snuggles and hang out with my babe. (Nicky will attest that I do indeed keep bouncing merrily every time Bill pops into my head, which is a lot)

There have been some mutterings I believe about seeing Red Penguin over in Atlanta too. That would be awesome, but I’m not getting too bouncy about that because he sucks and bailed last time. Would be very good to catch up with him again, haven’t seen him in an age now. *grumps*

Have to cook tea for the hoardes tonight, no idea what to do yet. I can’t imagine anyone would eat what I like. I would love some spicy Thai noodles, but I think noodles are on the “no” list, as is spicy. Drat!

Oh and I eventually found my pen, it was by the microwave?!!

Application for Prosecution/Conviction check on Police Records

January 29, 2003

Application form signed and filled in correctly? *check*

Copy of Birth Certificate enclosed? (not going mad, it’s the short version, still waiting on the full one to arrive) *check*

Copy of Driving Licence enclosed? *check*

Cheque made out to Devon and Cornwall Police Authority, signed, dated and enclosed? *check*

Explanatory cover letter written and enclosed? *check*

And then all double checked by Dad – thanks Dad! xxx

Right. Quick dash out to the post box to catch the early morning delivery then. *crosses fingers and skips*

Aargh! #2

January 29, 2003

Got back from the post office with my stamps *winks at Vile* and jobs paper and the phone rang. It was that tele-marketing company again and I’ve just had an on the spot phone interview. Eeeps!

Must have managed to lie through my teeth and sound enthusiastic about insurance sales because I now have a face-to-face interview with the company on Monday afternoon. Eeeeps!

The hours are fairly weird (15:00 – 21:00 and then 09:30 – 16:00 alternate Saturdays) but the pay is pretty good for Plymouth though I think. Based near the bus station so if I did get it I should be able to bus in most of the time no problem. Yikes! Actually the thought of that bus journey appalls me, can’t think where there would be parking there though.

Didn’t seem to mind about my impending trip to the States either, even though it falls over their next training period. Should fit in okay with the next one on the 24th though. Or maybe I’ll have found something more fun by then?

Now frantically looking through the job section of the paper in hope of finding something better.

*still can’t find my graphics pen! – aargh!*

Aargh! #1

January 29, 2003

Dammit! I can’t find my graphics pen.

I had it. And now I don’t have it.


Visa stuff

January 29, 2003

Okay, I’ve read through the pack I’ve been sent. There doesn’t seem that much there to fill in as such, all perfectly seemingly straightforward. A lot to digest though. I’m glad I’ll be able to go through it again with Bill over in the States before I fill it in.

Hmm, judging by these forms it looks like I really should send off for my police check as soon as possible. The whole point of getting the forms now is that apparently I can file the forms at the same time Bill files his side of things so that when (if?!!) the petition is approved everything should already be in order and waiting to be processed at the American Embassy, London. However, it takes at least 40 days to process the police check and receive my certificate and I need to be able to tick a box to say that I have that in my possession before I send the Visa forms back.

I know it’ll probably take an age to get the petition sorted anyway but if I can avoid unnecessary delay I’ll be a lot happier.

Maybe I’ll pop into town later and take photocopies of all the required id documents so that I can sort that out this evening and get it in the post.

January 29, 2003

Still in bed recovering from eight hours solid painting at the cottages yesterday. Feel totally disorientated because mum keeps talking to me in a way that suggests it’s much later than it is, so I have a very peculiar lost track of time feeling.

Did a second coat on the hallway where it was needed, painted a little toilet room and then crawled around on my hands and knees for hours painting the skirting (and a bit of the carpet, oops.) Damn those textured walls are evil. *nurses grazed knuckles*

A trip to Nicky’s dad’s cottage to hunt for appropriate paint supplies also involved witnessing the full horror of the contents of his fridge. I can indeed testify that there is a very mouldy, barely recognisable last year’s birthday cake in there. As his birthday is the day after mine, goddamn that cake is 10 months mouldy! Eeew!

Spotted a very familar looking pink plastic Hello Kitty bag in the lost property basket. Nabbed it confusedly. Was wondering if it was mine, and if so why on earth I hadn’t noticed that I’d lost it, and hang on, it should have a matching wallet with it! *frantically tried to remember what I’d have had in the wallet* Gah!

Did my utmost to rescue a butterfly with a deathwish. Found it flopping in the sink and pulled it out, placing it on the side to dry off. Half an hour later it decided to paint itself custard yellow by rubbing itself against my brush when I took a coffee break. Peeled kamikaze butterfly off the bristles and carefully tried to put it somewhere where it could recover. It promptly dived back into the sink and floundered about in the water for a bit. I fished him back out and put him on the windowledge out of harms way, or so I thought. Came back to find him clinging to the underside of the ballcock in the toilet cistern. Had to flush the loo to get rid of the water so I could carefully prise him off. That must have been quite exciting for him, bit like hanging upside down over the Devil’s Cauldron, Lydford Gorge I’d imagine. Rescued him for a final time and chucked him out the window to fend for himself (and probably die of cold. Oops.)

Ooh, just looked up and spotted my Kitty wallet in the pockets on the back of my door! Fab! It’s not in it’s pouch so I guess the bag in lost property was indeed mine. Can’t believe I never even noticed I’d lost it. *duh*

Think Nicky and I did a cracking job yesterday. That cottage is looking quite smart and homely now. Mission accomplished I believe. Few more rooms left to do to spruce it up properly and the carpet needs replacing but as it’s let on Thursday, tough.

Finished about 9pm, didn’t make it over to the pool or jacuzzi afterwards though. The pool was having “issues” and neither of us had really eaten anything but chocolate.

Got back from the farm and headed straight for cheese on toast and the Internet, hadn’t spoken to Vile all day and needed my fix. Yay! He was online.

whoo! (ETA2)2 = 11 days!

Oh and having completely drawn a blank with the American Embassy on the phone the other day, the written request and sae that I’d given up on turned up trumps today. I do believe that I have been sent a copy of the K1 visa pack that they “don’t stock.” Yay! Will go check that over in a minute.

Still no sign of my full birth certificate yet though. 15 days since I “ordered” it tomorrow. *sighs*

Oooh, and I just remembered what I dreamt last night. Mmmmm.

(ETA2)2 = 12

January 28, 2003

Checked the post and my flight tickets have arrived! I be going to Atlanta! Yay!

It’s not the winning, it’s the not losing that counts.

January 28, 2003

I did indeed attend the pub quiz at The Clarence last night. Got a higher score than Gemma, Matt and Nicky, think Greg got the same as me, but somehow Dave came second. Bah humbug. Still, didn’t come last which was the main objective.

Lost stunningly well at pool to Nicky. Did my usual. That is I cleared all my balls before Nicky on the first game, batted the black around a bit til Nicky caught up and nabbed victory from under my nose. Then it all went a bit downhill from there.

Rounded Nicky and Matt up after the pub, that’s hard work I tell you, and gave them a lift to their respective homes. Finally made it back to my place around 1am and managed to catch up with Bill before he headed off down the StarBar.

Speaking of which, Vile, you promised me an amusing write-up. Ahem?

Off over to the farm now to see Nicky, got my lumberjack clothes on and am ready to paint up a storm if required. Hopefully a spot of lazing in the pool and jacuzzi will be necessary too. Hoorah!