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September 30, 2002

ETA2 29

That’s less than a month!

le weekend

September 30, 2002

As already mentioned we met Rebecca at the Underworld to celebrate her birthday. I sloped off into the *ROCK* room to laugh at the pool playing (saw a game that must have lasted at least 40mins and was quite amazing in that it seemed to mainly involve the players having the complete rack still on the table but still not managing to hit a single ball with the cue ball, a quality feat). Remember ending up dancing to a *ROCK* version of Aha’s “Take On Me” and other classy numbers.

When we got home we then watched the Goth comedy episode that everyone seems to have been talking about and laughed and laughed. All so true, scarily real.

Elected to forego Taekwondo in favour of a trip into town to scour Vinyl Exchange for cheap cds and a spot of lunch and a drink (or two) in Night and Day with St353 and Matt.

First, quickly popped into Afflecks to look at funky clothing and was most perplexed and taken aback when as I was stood waiting for the guys to finish browsing the (female) sales assistant came up from behind, patted my bottom and said “Who’s looking sexy today then?” .o0(um NO!)

Quickly left Afflecks and raced across the road to Night and Day where service was interminably slow and by the time my food arrived I had already drunk one and a half bottles of Budvar on an empty stomach and was feeling the effects. Food, however, when it did turn up, was delicious though. I gorged myself on deep fried cheese and assorted vegetables with a sweet chilli dip, and a whole bowl of marinated olives. Superb.

Fell asleep on the bus home, stumbled into the house and keeled over onto the bed. We were supposed to be at Rebecca’s for 7 and I don’t think we left town til 5.30, so St353 had to attempt to revive me in record time by making me guzzle cups of strong coffee.

Ordered a taxi that then took forever to turn up and finally arrived at Rebecca’s for 8. (Sorry!)

Considering we’d inadvertently only just really eaten Matt, St353 and I were all feeling rather stuffed and queasy at the thought of having to eat another meal, but when we saw Rebecca’s amazing offering of baby potatoes cooked with red onion and rosemary, alongside leek and grilled haloumi in lime juice it didn’t matter and I managed two rather delicious helpings. Amazing.

Got home around half 1 (?), connected, and chatted to Vile for a bit on Nyarnia while St353 and Matt watched Snatch.

[Had many fights with Matt and St353 this weekend about my Internet usage – grrr.]

Wanted to hug Mogs who was prowling around on the doorstep looking hopeful but couldn’t because I’d been sat on by flea ridden moggies that evening and was concerned that I didn’t want to spread the little f***ers to her..

Examined old keyboard and noticed that it seemed to have things growing in it. yuck!
Stressed about work.
Rebecca and Ruairi came around to watch the Goth comedy, it was still amusing on a second viewing.
Didn’t make it to Taekwondo. I WILL go on Tuesday, promise.
Persuaded St353 to go get all grubby and investigate Lara’s headlights with me. I was very useful and held the bonnet like a star. Poked around for a bit, changed the wrong light, then discovered that the guy in the autofactors had sold me the wrong bulb anyway. gah! Oh well, cheers anyway St353, bonus MAN points to you regardless. 😉


September 28, 2002

I first met Burnsie in the exclusive members club that is Didsbury Job Centre. We had the same signing on slot and every two weeks we would queue up together, alongside the hopeless, unfortunate and slack, to await our fate at the hands of the Job Centre Lackeys.

Since then he has appeared at various other favourite Mancunian haunts of mine and has never failed to remind me that I *may* have made a bit of an impact on him as I would turn up to the DSS on my blades.

In fact, if I’d have been vaguely sober last night he would have kinda worried me by being able to describe in scary detail what I was wearing on one such bonding moment three years ago at the Job Centre. (Stripey stockings, little grey and orange pvc skirt with reflective stripes and zip up the front, little purple vest top, pigtails, roller blades and wrist guards).

Instead however we exchanged web addresses and I agreed to go for a drink with him as we discovered we share the Woodstock as our local.

Hmm, just took a look at his site: (Stones in Fields)

!yikes! that Flash is frightening.

Should be interesting

rude boy

September 28, 2002

Considering that St353 once took a look at me in a Plymouth club and remarked:

“with thighs like those I wouldn’t wear those stockings”

I guess he’s not such a bad bloke.

Although he has just killed my cactus so I may well have to reconsider.

Northern Exposure

September 28, 2002

St353 is avisiting and brought me a nice spanking new keyboard so I no longer have any excuses to miss my Ms or anything that requires a shift key.

Ate kebab. yum.

Drank copius beer, tarted up, went out to the Underworld.

Met Burnsie aka “signing on bloke” and potentially arranged a midweek drinking session. I think I may regret this but what the heck.

Oh yes, and happy birthday to Rebecca, the lovely Birthday Girl who was the very reason for this drunken jaunt.

But I skip these frivolties to cut straight to the chase, indeed, the highlight of the evening where we treated St353 to a joyeous bus ride home through the Freshers chaos to the sanctuary of West Didsbury.

Matt managed to incite the whole bus to performing a rendition of “New York, New York”. A terrifying moment.

We watched a girl on a mobile phone fall down the double decker stairs, capture a stray glo-stick that was rolling around on the floor, and joyously announce to her friend with whom she was conversing on the mobile phone “yay! I got you a pressie!”

While simultaneously random person at the back shouted, “This is Mother Fucking, my mother fuck fuck fucking mother fucking friend”.

Traversed through the Freshers being kicked out of the Academy, watched several people bounce off the side of the bus as they failed to quite make the stop in time.

Managed to resist the temptation to stop off in Rusholme for a quick curry.

Got kicked off ourselves at the Job Centre and scurried home to the sound of breaking glass.

Ain’t Manchester grand?


September 26, 2002

When I was at school I used to supplement my pocket money by scavenging the campus grounds for lost dropped coins. Pretty soon I got to know the optimum locations to find forgotten pennies, shy glinting silver denominations, and the odd jackpot of maybe a pound coin or two.

School uniform regulation trousers, skirts and blazers I guess are not designed to keep loose change safely contained.

There were several spots were I could pretty much be guaranteed a quality haul. Where pupils would picnic on the playing fields, lounged back against tree trunks, I would often spy a quiet nest of congregating coins bedded down between where grass meets bark.

After school I could wander along the wooden bench seating down by the quadrangle and ease a hidden income from beneath the wearied slats.

Many times I wondered whether coins, once released and dislocated from their compatriots in the grubby warmth of a student’s pocket, maybe get lonely and seek each other out for company? A basic attraction thus explaining little clusters of treasure.

Where does all this lost and forgotten currency go now? Do people stop dropping moolah so carelessly when they enter the workplace? I think not.

So, why, as I sit alone in the office having got here at eight for the fourth day in a row, can I not find the mere thruppence I lack to purchase a dodgy cappuccino from the machine?


September 23, 2002

Blimey, I thought the earth moved last night, and By Jove, it did.

Awww Crap!

September 21, 2002

Was just hunting around in my bookcases, didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find something else instead – a cheque for £72, (yay!) addressed to me, (double yay!) dated 18th Nov 2000. (pants!)


In other news – did a TKD grading last night and received my green stripe belt this afternoon. Would write more but I want to go get stuck into some Flash before I go out for a curry later.


September 20, 2002

There’s a viral quiz doing the rounds at work this morning where you answer questions to determine who your celebrity holiday romance would be (then enter competition to win a holiday).

It’s great everyone else is not impressed:

Jane: Chris Moyles, Popstar Darius.
Anne: Eminem.
Chris: Sophie Dahl, Jade from Big Brother.
Simon: Jo Brand, Big Brother Jade, Kylie Minogue.

While I get Brad Pitt every time. (I’ve done it 7 times now – just to be sure!) Jane is SO jealous.

It’s destiny I tell you. Things are looking up.

Maybe I should write to him and let him know?

Fag Break Gossip

September 20, 2002

Amusing news hot in today from the smoking room:

Chris and I are involved in a tangled love affair.

Rumour has it that we are conducting steamy romance because we skulk off together at lunchtimes and no one knows where to. (um, yeah, pool to get away from this place!)

Also, it seems people have noticed we have a (coincidental) habit of turning up at work together in the mornings “looking slightly dishevelled, guilty and slinking to our seats!”


Blimey! Why am I always the last to know?