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Lara hit by plank in M60 scare

July 31, 2002

Fook! Feel A bit shaky.
Was travelling home on the M60 just now, moseying along in the right hand lane, about to come up behind a white van, it’s roof rack laden with timber, in the central lane when the planks started to lift up erratically. One came free and headed straight for my windscreen. Had to make evasionary manouvre and swerve, said plank hit Lara’s side and shattered into bits which I then drove over. ARGGH!
Carried on driving, wasn’t sure if I should have stopped or not, saw the van pull into the hard shoulder, but Lara seemed to be handling okay so continued onwards.
Have just inspected her side, she seems okay, slightly scratched down her side, but I think that might be dust from the wood rather than damaged paintwork, and her underside seems alright. It’s tipping it down now so I shall have to double check tomorrow.
I need a sit down.

B****y work

July 31, 2002

Just spent the day working my little socks off to do some layouts my boss asked me to do this morning. Sent them across to content, only to find that Jane did them yesterday! Gah! This place sucks!


July 31, 2002

Also, Mel returned from Australia on Saturday – wheee! How could I forget to mention that?! SHAME ON ME!

She brought back a boomerang each for Dad and I so on Monday evening we went up onto the Moors to have a throw around. Dad promptly lost his in the Bracken. Doh! Took, us a little while of rummaging about in the undergrowth til we finally found it again.

Could not throw mine to save my life, but I have an excuse, normally I wouldn’t fall back on such a trite line but I was truly tragic: hey I’m a girl, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Missed Sally lots, she would have enjoyed running around with us. I tried to hide from Dad behind Gorse Bushes like we used to do with her, wasn’t quite the same. Dad tried his best though, and I suppose I was wearing a bright pink fleece so didn’t have much of a chance of camouflage! Doh!

a mini irony

July 31, 2002

hee hee, remember I said that on Saturday Mum and Dad wouldn’t let me take Sy’s mini out to the farm in case I damaged it and caused more work for him to do? (trusting aren’t they?!)

Well, I got back to the house on Sunday to find that Dad had taken her out instead, and as he was turning right into our lane, a lady in a 4×4 had driven straight into him! Hah!

Dad was fine, car sustained 200 squid worth of damage, Sy was not amused.

The mini did get its own back on the 4×4 though, her metal bumpers munched the tyres and apparently ripped them to shreds.


Gloria Hunniford

July 30, 2002

Weird! The last two books* I just read had one thing in common, and the link was Gloria Hunniford – how strange!

*E – Matt Beaumont
“Are You David Gorman?” – David Gorman & Danny Wallace

Was quite relieved when she didn’t waltz through “Et Tu Babe” – Mark Leyner too!

(long) weekend #2

July 30, 2002

(written on scrap of paper yesterday, transcribed into journal now)
Had another fabulous day at the beach, this time a more populated one, but with the added bonus of having no ugly naked people.
Daddy took the day off work and mum, being a teacher an’ all, is on her hols anyway so we headed South to Thurleston Rock.

When we got there an incredible sea mist shrouded the bay, so thick you couldn’t actually see the rock, but then the sun came out and within minutes the mist had dissipated.

Lounged on the beach all day, was sensible and wore a long sleeved t-shirt for most of it this time though! The sea was beautiful, went for a dip with my dad. Took us a while to make it into the water but once in it felt warmer than yesterday.

Am now very sandy, tired and sticky with sea salt, am going to have a shower 🙂

Weekend #1

July 29, 2002

Worked through my lunch hour and managed to leave at 5, charged back to the flat, drank copious amounts of strong coffee and headed out onto the motorway at 7. The drive down South was surprisingly clear and fuelled by loud music and mint humbugs I made good progress. Even stopped off for 40 minutes to enjoy the culinary delights of Burger King at Gordano Service Station en route. At Exeter, as the drive had been so good, I decided to detour and taxi Matt to his folk’s house, so I took the A38 and dropped him off at his parent’s. Bade him goodnight and tootled off across to Tavistock, and still made it according to my schedule at 12.10. Got a big hug from Mum when I arrived, but poor Daddy the supposed insomniac was dead to the world and snuffling quietly in his bed!

Wow I’ve had one helluva busy day!

Woke up to find dad washing Lara, it’s great to be home! (Park a car in our driveway and you can place bets on how long it’ll be before daddy cleans it!)

Went into Tavy with mum, got annoyed when the pasty shop had sold out of pasties! Arrgh – I traipse all the way down from Manchester for a decent pasty and what happens? You can’t buy one anywhere – not fair!

Sy took me for the scariest drive of my life when he took me for a spin in his modded mini. When I got into the car he warned me to clench and that was an understatement. That mini is a beast, and Sy is one crazy driver. We sure as hell gave those golfers something to be afraid of as we crashed past at full pelt. I’m guessing he doesn’t drive like that with the parents around! I thought it was crazy enough and then we got back to the house and dad mentioned that the speedo is out and when it reads 50 you are more likely doing 75 – sheesh! I’m not even going to tell you what the speedo was reading when we flew past the Golf Club and down Down road. My bottom barely touched the seat. Had a big silly grin on my face when I got out of the car though! 😉 Blimey. Had fun.

Drove out to Bawcombe Farm, was tempted to take the mini but mum and dad insisted I didn’t. Would have liked to take a different car out for a spin. Oh well, guess it probably wouldn’t have coped too well on the farm lanes though. Shame dad had just washed Lara though! Ooops.

At the farm I got assaulted by hoards of dogs and puppies, the place is completely insane! Nicky and I took Betty, the puppy she has decided to keep, for a quick walk across the fields. We were going to go down to the river but we couldn’t decide if the big brown horned animal staring us out at the far end of the field we had to cross was a bull or not, so chickened out and went to Sherril instead. My bikini was miraculously in the car so I took it for it’s first outing and we went swimming in Nicky’s dad’s pool. Haven’t worn a bikini in years, it was quite scary. Anyhow spent a blissful afternoon in Nicky’s company. Just the two of us in this gorgeous indoor heated swimming pool. Fantastic.

Then we bubbled about in the jacuzzi for a while. Then I alternated jumping into the swimming pool and lazing in the jacuzzi, then, floating in the bubbles and diving into the pool, (jealous yet?) until we thought we really should get a move on and be heading into Plymouth to go out.

Nicky’s nan is in hospital at the moment and as she is off to London for the week tomorrow I suggested I would happily drive her over to Derriford to see her nanny en route to Lipson. Her nanny and grandad are really nice, so it was no big deal, nice to go and say hello to them again really.

Never got to the pub like I’d intended to, but then we were on “Nicky Time” so I guess that that had just been wistful thinking on my part anyway! Decided instead to go get changed at Nicky’s flat (Thanks Glenn) and be cheap and go to an offy.

All that exercise earlier had really set us in the mood for some chinese so we then stopped in Mutley to source sweet and sour, a bottle of wine and some Smirnoff Ice. Gorged ourselves silly when we got to the flat, cracked open the wine and had a really nice evening. Entertained Dizzy the cat by completely winding her up with a laser pointer, damn that’s so much fun. Must buy one to torment Mogs.

The wine went straight to my head (don’t do wine, in fact the only other time I’ve really had the stuff was with Pengs – that was great though and actually kinda prompted this foray) and girly conversations ensued. *giggle* Heard some really “interesting” things!
It got to about 10 and we thought we should get changed really and go support Greg dj-ing at Legends.

Ordered a cab that never came and just generally compounded Nicky Time. Had to reorder with a different company and finally made it to Greg’s club only about 2-3 hours late!

Had a great time, was rather merry and bounced lots. Ggl got totally trashed and was unable to function as a dj by the end of the night. Got to finally meet his girly Gemma to speak to properly – she’s lovely 🙂 Greg messed up and played the same track twice, danced anyhow to cheer him up – Greg: no-one noticed, honest!

Bailed on the offer of floor space at Greg’s and went back to the flat with Nicky so she didn’t have to go home on her own, besides it was fun. At some point fell into a deep slumber on the sofa, that is until I slid off and hit the floor like a bag of potatoes! That’s one slippery sofa she has there, does not really go too well with slidey sleeping bag fabric!


*Grin* I’ve been swimming twice in two days! yeah!
Went to the beach today and braved my bikini in public. The weather was gorgeous and the sea wasn’t cold. (not warm, but not cold!)

We had meant to go to Seeton but when we got there it was heaving and full of people! I mean can you imagine?! Anyhow we drove along the coast for a bit until we found a parking space near a pathway down to a bay, and found a stretch of beach with only a handful of other people on it. Of course, this secluded stretch of beach also turned out to have a little congregation of nudists. Fine, no worries, but why do all nudists have to be old and ugly? bah!

In fact, I was sort of forced into the water by an ugly naked man. There I was sat watching mum and dad poke their toes into the sea and plucking up the nerve to go in myself (There was a very seaweedy bit to traverse before you got to the sandy shelf where you could swim, and I had to pluck up my courage to attempt to walk through that.) when this guy (with the strangest ever body shape – sheesh) walked up to the shoreline, directly in front of me, splayed his legs, bent over and washed his bits. It was sit and watch or run screaming past him out to sea! *shudder* That was such an unattractive sight! The guy then spent the entire afternoon parading his bits for all to see at the water’s edge – unneccessary!

It was the hottest day of the year so far and I have the sun burn to prove it – ouch! 😦

Hmm, I suppose I should go to bed now and be quiet so as not to disturb dad who has to go to work tomorrow so I guess I’ll get to relay today’s events tomorrow.

Could do with finishing the book I’m reading anyhow – my third this weekend – hoorah! If I finish it I can go and buy that book Pengs and Vile were on about without feeling guilty – yay!

Out of sorts

July 26, 2002


Okay, I’ve been feeling a tad weird this week and all grumpy. I’m sorry.
I’m nice and bouncy really, honest. Though I’m still a bit miffed, though as I can’t really remember why I guess I’m just still mooching.

Anyhow, sorry? (same goes for being grouchy at 20, Vile and Eso :))

Hope you have a fantastic weekend :]

Also, I missed a couple of entries this week so here’s me trying to catch up:


**hmm, have already written about this in an email to Pengie, might cut and paste here later**
[/email to Pengs:]
Went to the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays to see a sculpture exhibition. Was going to drive then thought nah and went into town and took the tram from there. It’s not far (Manchester and Salford are practically next to each other and Manchester could be said to encircle Salford) but the tram ride is just fab. You get to go along by the Manchester Ship Canal and it’s just a nice trip.

The Lowry is a superb building (if you ignore the Lowry elements that is – Lowry was such a terrible artist – gah). It resembles the Guggenheim in Bilbao and now next to it there is also the Imperial War Museum of War and Peace (something like that) by Daniel Libeskind. The Lowry has 2 theatres and an art gallery, but I’d not been to the gallery before. I’d only been there at night to see shows (Diamanda Galas, Ballet Rambert, Storm, and some French Canadian circus) and the gallery had been shut. It was nice to see the building in the daylight.

The surrounding area is strange, reminds me of a cross between Bilbao and Holland, flat, scrubby and industrial.

Exhibition was interesting though, got trapped in the Lowry galleries but found our way again – phew. Damn Lowry is overrated.

Trammed back into town, ended up in the gay village at Via Fossa again. The gay village is really a pedestrian street next to a canal in the centre of Manchester. The sun had come out again and everyone was lining the street and drinking, soaking up the warmth. it was really nice, all the bars along there have lined the street with beautiful hanging baskets.

Was about to toddle off home again when I realised that I had forgotten to defrost my tea today, it’s still in the freezer, so just had to eat out. Shame. Went to my favourite noodle bar Tampopo and had scrummy scrummy food. I had a malaysian red curry chicken noodle thing – divine. All topped off with Kirin beer.

shot lots of K’s today, am now waiting for my camera to recharge so I can transfer to the pooter and see what I got. (prolly nothing of interest but I had fun)


Worked really hard on my mono|kay project. Was very pleased with myself and can’t wait to go live with it, actually some content for my website – wheee! Just need to find some server space and I’m away!


After work on I went into Manchester and met Ruairi and Rebecca at Bar Centro in the Northern Quarter. Had a very pleasant drink with them. Bar Centro serves a good range of interesting drinks, we all stuck with the Hooegarden though. Was rather amused when the round turned up and I was expecting a European type measure of Hooegarden, but got a pint. This was funny because it came in the appropriate branded glass and was so big and heavy I found it tricky to lift and drink from.

Ruairi made a sheepish pact with Rebecca saying that to avoid “drunken pixie” he is only ever allowed to drink exactly the same amount of alcohol as her!

At ten we wandered down to Exchange Square to watch the free legs on the wall performance. Basically, mad Aussies abseilling and dancing on the side of the Premier Lodge tower block. It was really amazing. The performers were lit so that when they moved they cast huge shadows on to the wall behind them, they were literally human shadow puppets. Images were also projected onto the surface over them. Really cool, but I’m afraid I was more taken by mad jumping about on the end of ropes than I was by the message.

Tried really hard to take some decent photos but failed miserably, I don’t have a steady enough hand for night-time shots.


July 26, 2002

Oh poop, just thought, I forgot to allow for foraging for food in tonight’s schedule, hmm. Will have to reconsider itinerary.

Guess it won’t hurt to stop for a kebab en route to the flat!



July 26, 2002

Dammit I left my mobile at home.
I have never done that, the thought of being on the motorway without one unnerves me. *oh poop*

And I’ve been checking online quotes for my car insurance which is due next month, cheapest so far is still £770. (some places quote me over a grand) Arrghh! I don’t understand, surely it should be lower than this. I’ve had a license for 9 yrs, no accidents, no claims, 2 years no-claims bonus, I’m over 25 and my car has probably halved in value since I bought it so why hasn’t my insurance got any cheaper?

Not happy.

*tearing hair out*

Also what’s weird is to get that price I listed Dad as a named driver, if I get a quote to just insure me it’s about another 80 quid more. What is the problem?!