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*Busy Sunday*

June 30, 2002

Damn I got to bed late last night, I connected to check in with livejournal and the next thing I know I’m on and PMing with Pixelwit until the early hours. Ooops.

This morning I started a simple Flash game that came out of a conversation last night, I think I’ve got the functionality working now, just need to sort out graphics and put the whole thing together.

Primed my canvas. Now have to think what to do with it, I have had a few thoughts and have to get over the terror of making that first daub and get the white dirty. Why are blank canvases so frightening?

Wandered around the City Art Gallery in the afternoon. It’s the first time I’d been since it reopened last month, it seems like it’s been shut forever. It was typical, I arrived in Manchester to take an art and design degree and I’m sure that year the gallery closed for refurbishment.

I was rather impressed with the new building and exhibitions. I remember the gallery as being quite fusty, mainly pre-raph and staid (apart from that exhibition they put on which had the Brothers Quay set on display and those dummies with the video installation faces (Tony Oursler?)) but now it’s a totally different place and all the better for it. The current exhibition of artists’ experiences of Manchester made me fall in love with the city all over again and reconsider its positive side. I must admit I had got quite disillusioned with the town.

I didn’t have time to make it around the entire gallery, um, mainly because I got sidetracked in the book shop for quite some time drooling over nice design books. One in particular looked quite intriguing: Maeda@Media. [John Maeda] Guess who I thought of.

I shall have to return to the gallery next weekend I think to take a look at the floors I missed. They seem to have quite an eclectic collection there, and it’s still heavy in Pre-Raphs but even the way the displays have been laid out is interesting.

Met Richard, et al in Yates’ WIne Bar (why he always chooses to meet there I have no idea, still there is no accounting for taste) and went for a Thai in the Siam Orchid across the road. yum.

Afterwards, we ended up in the Gay Village and went to Via Fossa for more drinks. Julian and I nabbed the comfy sofa and bounced on it together to prove it. Probably had a bit too much to drink, but had one very fun night.


June 30, 2002

Had fun at bbq, was very British, it drizzled lots, we put up our hoods and pretended that it wasn’t. I won the hood contest, being waterproof and fluffy and eskimo-like.
Bri and Julia have the best camp chairs ever – they bought them for sitting in field for Jubilee Weekend and so they are printed with the cross of St George, but best of all they have a special pocket in which to put your beer – sweet.

Pretended we were all queuing to get into Wimbledom and listened to Tim Henman almost mess up his game but pull through to the next round in the end.

Barbecued sweetcorn was gorgeous, I survived off that alone (oh that and haloumi) but some bright spark thought to bring potato waffles, ooh so waffley versatile! (not convinced). Brian went all manly and supervised the bbq, twas he who was therefore responsible for throwing Kate’s special gluten free burgers on the floor!

Listened to Julia’s “Ultimate [Alternative] Eighties” cd.

– mmmm this tastes just like sweetcorn
– hmmm it’s amazing what they can do nowadays, like make sweetcorn taste just like um sweetcorn

-Prefab Sprout – I like their Brussels album the best

-I call her “snookums” and she calls me “unemployed cripple!”

-“I win, you lose” (copyright Tom)

Managed to cadge a jar of white emulsion paint off Brian – how fab – muhahaha!


June 29, 2002

Mogs snuck into the flat and settled down to snooze on my bed, had to go get changed in the bathroom, somehow being in a state of undress in front of “someone else’s cat” seemed plain indecent.

No Taekwon-do

June 29, 2002

Seems the instructors are on a TKD summer camp this weekend so no Taekwon-do for me today. Probably just as well though as I’ve been feeling strange around my collar bone the last few days, hope it’s just getting used to being exercised again and not me overdoing it since the break. My yellow belt grading is next week and I actually want to make it to the grading this time! Was going to use the spare time to pop into town and look around Afflecks Palace (wish it opened on Sundays, I never seem to be able to get into Manchester on Saturdays anymore) but I think I’d better do some housey stuff instead.

Okay, Lara is now spotlessly clean, I am now filthy and soggy, and I hurt. Carrying countless buckets of water up and down stairs (well, mainly down, cos on the way back up they are just empty buckets) from a first floor flat to clean a car is such a pain.

Have now completed two of the tasks I set myself for this weekend (list: clean the car, make livejournal pretty, start artwork/painting thingy, make Hello Kitty skirt)

Just read that when she was 11 Billie Holiday was raped, the guy who raped her got 3 months in a “house of correction” and she got committed to the House of Good Shepherd for Coloured Girls!

Need to go get clean myself and then source myself some beer to take to Brian and Julia’s barbecue in an hour and a half.

June 29, 2002

Just had a brief encounter with Melly and Sy online, hoorah! (Mel being in Australia and Sy in Devon) Will hopefully have a better chance to chat with the two of them later this week though. Dad even made a brief appearance too. Fantastic.

Thanks to Red Penguin have had a couple of ideas on how to sort out that stripe on the left of the page, will attempt that tomorrow though as I think I have had too many Grolsch to coherently meddle with the code now. Have just pasted in the bit Red gave me for now and it’s better already, but I think I might have thought of a way to sort it out properly. Fingers crossed and I’ll figure it out at some point this weekend.

Just as Red disconnected for the night Vile came back online and I watched Jackass and hung with him in Wayland for a little bit. Am going to stick some bits of wood together with glue (hopefully without getting any on the carpet) and then crawl into bed now.

June 28, 2002

Just got my payslip and a letter stating that I’ve had actually had a yearly salary review and my salary has been increased by 2.5%
Blimey, I didn’t expect that to happen. Back in December when they had the redundancies we were all told we would be awarded that annual “cost of living” increase, but it hadn’t been mentioned since.


June 27, 2002

Just received an email from Melly. *bounce* It contained a little video of Mel on the plane on her way to Australia, on the Tokyo leg. Looking good Melinda!

June 27, 2002

Storming up the motorway this morning I overtook a grit truck when it only went and dumped it’s load. At least I think that’s what happened. I just heard a crunching grating sound and then all I could see in my rear view mirror was a billowing cloud of red dust and the truck’s hazards blinking through the haze. I’m glad I wasn’t behind it at the time. eeeps.
Soothed myself by listening to a tape that Clay made for Matt and I years ago when we lived at Rippingham Road, hmm that must be 6 years ago now. “Deep In The Bottomless Pit Of Existential Black Muck That Is Your Soul – Here Comes Pop Music to Save The Day” Clay – I still love that tape, it’s fab.

A bag of ********

June 26, 2002

Fantastic, Daddy finally sent me a video he made with his camera, it was made for Mel (grr) but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Daddy – you’re fab.
He’s sat there, in a beige jacket and bowtie, hair all ruffled, playing a didgeridoo with mad staring eyes, and it culminates in him singing a snippet of a Rolf Harris song?. It makes me laugh just to think about it.

DIY * insurance crap *

June 26, 2002

Took a little trip to B&Q on the way home today, ended up purchasing a mitre saw, a sheet of plywood, 3 bits of timber and some wood glue. ho hum. Almost bought a little tester bottle of “Sexy Pink” emulsion but restrained myself.
Got home and cut my wood into little bits with said saw, what fun. (Never fear, it’s all part of a cunning plan ;))
Will hopefully lend mitre saw to Rebecca in exchange for a smidgen of emulsion paint, although she has yet to be aware of this. Muahahaha. Oooh, must remember to email her tomorrow to arrange outing to see the David Shrigley exhibition in Sheffield before it finishes.
Forgot to phone that insurance company again today. Don’t really want to do it. I bought some travel insurance online when I went to Paris to see Pengie but I’ve just got a letter from them to say that there was a problem with my card and to phone them. They “assure” me that I was still covered while I was away (yeah right) and want me to pay up. I really can’t be convinced that if I had got into trouble while in Paris that they would have coughed up, so I feel like I’m just going to have to throw money away here. grrrr.
ouch – I think I’ve got a splinter.
Yay – Pengie has finally resurfaced in Wayland, am off to go bore him silly for a bit now *bounce*